Who employs forestry professionals?

ABARE (2012) estimates that around 66,000 people work in forest, logging and forest products industries. The forest products industries as a group are Australia's second largest manufacturing industry and a major regional employer. Almost all publicly owned native forests are owned by the States and territories, so many foresters are employed by State/territorial forest services or national park and wildlife agencies.

In recent years an increasing number of foresters have been employed by private companies, especially in connection with plantation management. There are many independent consultant foresters who work with farmers on plantation establishment or management, or in landcare activities, with mining companies and water catchment agencies.

Forestry careers websites   

The IFA recommends two websites for forestry career and jobs information: Growing Careers and CareerHarvest.

Growing Careers is an industry initiative resourced by Forest and Wood Products Australia Ltd (FWPA) on behalf of the forest and wood products industry and the Australian Government.

CareerHarvest an initiative of the Australian Council of Deans of Agriculture.