Forestworks training resource development project All done!

In early 2014 the Institute partnered with Forestworks to develop 7 resources to support units of competency from the Advanced Diploma of Forest Industry Sustainability as follows:
  1. Implement sustainable forestry practices addresses FPICOT5201B
  2. Manage tree harvesting to minimise environmental impact addresses FPICOT5209B
  3. Undertake carbon stock sampling of forests and plantations addresses FPIFGM5219
  4. Manage sustainable tree inventory addresses FPIFGM6203
  5. Promote plantations as a sustainable form of land use addresses FPIFGM5217A
  6. Build and maintain community relationships addresses FPICOT5208B
  7. Assessment Framework to assess competence against FPICOR6201A

Manage sustainability in the workplace.  Each resource was developed to support learning against a specific Unit of Competence and written so that it can be used as a stand-alone resource for other purposes.

As these are Australian Qualifications Framework Level 5 and 6 materials they assume a certain level of numeracy and literacy. 

The resources are freely available on the Forestworks website at: