IFA Policies

The IFA/AFG will continue to advocate for sensible, sustainable and equitable policies that will allow the forest industry to compete and prosper in a complementary and sustainable manner.  

Removal of unnecessary legislative and policy impediments is a key component of this process.

IFA Policy Statements

The following policy statements are the consensus view of Australian professional foresters on traditional and contemporary forestry matters. They are free of the beliefs and convictions of either political parties or industrial lobby groups. Although all members have had opportunity to contribute to the finalisation of these policies, the statements do not necessarily reflect the view of all members.

These policy statements will be subject to periodic review (normally every 3 years). Comments are welcome at any time and will be retained and considered when undertaking the next review. You are encouraged to use these statements in your private study and public submissions, provided due reference is given as to the source of the information.

Many IFA members are currently developing further policy statements covering a wide range of forestry issues.

New statements will be added to this website over coming months.

Firefighting at Night

Conservation and Management of Rainsforests
Forest Genetic Resources
Conservation of Australian Native Forests and Woodlands
Genetically Modified Organisms in Forestry
Timber Production and Biological Diversity
Maintaining Forest Health
Conservation of Remnant Native Woodlands
Forest Certification
Management of Private Native Forests
Plantations in Rural Landscapes
Clearing of Native Forests for Plantations
Use of Chemicals in Plantation Forestry
Forest Management Planning
Timber Production in Native Forests
Forest Regulation and Codes of Practice
Silviculture in Australia's Native Forests
Future Directions for Australia's National Forest Policy
Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management
Social Values in Forest Management
Role of Fire in Australian Forests and Woodlands
The Role of Forestry as a Primary Industry
Environmental Credentials of Timber as a Building Material
Australian Native Forests and Water
Riverine Red Gum Forest of the Southern Murray-Darling Basin
Plantation Forests and Water  
Allocation of Water for Environmental Purposes
Community Awareness and Knowledge on Forestry
Recreation in Australian Public Forests
Eco-Tourism in Australian Public Forests
Dryland Salinity Mitigation and Trees
Environmental Services in Forests and their Valuation
Forests and Climate Change Mitigation
Wood for Bioenergy
Woodchips from Australian Forests

IFA position on the proposed Great Forest National Park The IFA position on the proposed Great Forest National Park is that the current mix of public land tenures in the Victorian Central Highlands allows a good balance between conservation and other (multiple) land uses. There is no need to create a ‘Great Forest National Park’.

Creation of the proposed Great Forest National Park therefore is not supported. 

 The reasons are outlined in the document: IFA position on the proposed 'Great Forest National Park'