Tasmania Field Trip
The 2019 Riveaux Fire at the Warra Supersite and Tahune Airwalk

Date: Saturday 21 November 2020

Time: 10.00 am – 3.00 pm (Lunch will be served at 1.00pm)
Meeting point: Tahune Airwalk carpark
RFP CPD Points: 4.5

The IFA/AFG Tasmanian Committee invite you to join us for a field trip of the Tahune Airwalk and to review the 2019 Riveaux Fire at the Warra Supersite.
Throughout the field trip there will be presentations at the Warra Supersite from:  
*  Tim Wardlaw, University of Tasmania and Principal Investigator for the Warra Supersite Introduction to the Warra Supersite, then describing the fire and it effects using measurements from the plot and sensor networks installed at the Warra Supersite
*  Jamey Furlaud, Fire Ecologist University of Tasmania Fuel accumulation in wet sclerophyll forests and its role in fire risk
*  David Taylor, Fire Planner, Parks and Wildlife Service Soil moisture and fire danger predictions in wet eucalypt forests
*  Paul Fox-Hughes, Research Meteorologist, Bureau of Meteorology Recent developments in soil dryness predictions for fire danger modelling 
*  Peter McIntosh, Manager Earth Sciences, Forest Practices Authority & Martin Moroni, IFA/AFG Tasmanian Branch Chair Fire and carbon in wet eucalypt forests / rainforest
After lunch there will presentations at Tahune Airwalk from:
*  Ken Stronach, Owner, Tahune Adventures – Owner The post-fire visitor experience at Tahune Airwalk
*  Israel Adeseko, PhD candidate, University of Tasmania Science communication to add to the visitor experience at Tahune - story of the 2019 fire from Warra measurements as a case study
Attendees are welcome to visit the Airwalk.

New lunch and registration arrangements
Delegates can now either bring their own lunch or can purchase lunch from the Airwalk Café, click HERE to download menu. For those who want to purchase their lunch from the Airwalk Café should place their order before we head out to the Warra Supersite. Tim Wardlaw will have a single order form to get the orders for all those people who want to purchase lunch. Purchase lunches will be available at 1:00pm when upon our return to the Airwalk from the Warra Supersite.

Cost: (inc GST)


Registrations close 10.00 am Thursday 19 November

Please note:
Please bring hard hat and safety vest if you have one, alternatively one can be supplied
Travel time from Hobart to the Airwalk if 1.5 hours. 
Travel between Tahune and the WARRA Supersite (8km each way) is on firm based gravel roads is in own vehicle, unless a lift with another attendee can be organised. 

 Click HERE to download the flyer

ARC Training Centre Lunchtime Sessions 

The ARC Training Centre for Forest Value is hosting three online lunchtime sessions to provide some insight into the exciting research being undertaken by our PhD students.  To register for these free, 30-minute webinars click on the Eventbrite link here.  Webinars will be held on November 4, 11 and 17 from 12.00-12.30pm.

Click HERE to view the flyer with more information

IFA/AFG Tasmania Division 

Business Summary, June to August 2020


The Tas. Division Exec. Committee provides the following Summary Notes to inform Tasmanian members of the committee’s current business, proposed activities and interests of relevance to members in Tasmania. The notes are in abbreviated form and are based on a precis of the committee’s record of meetings during regular intervals throughout the year. 
The IFA/AFG Tas. Division regularly makes representations on behalf of members’ interests. Comments and communications are welcomed by members of the committee, whose email contacts are listed in the attached Appendix.  

TAS AGM - 3 August 2020


To download a copy of the minutes, click HERE 

Elected members:
Chair: Martin Moroni
Deputy Chair: Jim Wilson
Secretary: Greg Unwin
Committee members:  Alex Tabor, Nigel Calvert, Neville Calvert, Robin Dickson, Jay Fowler, Des King, Stephen Rymer, Tony Syonjek, Stephen Walker, Clive Woolridge, Nick Martyn.

The Tasmanian Committee acknowledgement of Tony Cannon: After many years of significant long-term contribution to AFG (including as AFG National President and Director, Life Member AFG/IFA and Chair and Committee member (Tasmania Branch), now IFA, Tony Cannon has decided to step down from the Tas. Division committee. The committee wishes to thank Tony for his dedication and professionalism in this role and wishes him and his family the very best for the future. 
We welcome new committee member Nick Martyn, a professional forester with Technical Forest Services.

2021 IFA/AFG Conference Update (Jim Wilson, Convenor):
* Update on 2021 National Conference Summary of progress (Jim Wilson, Convenor)
* Conference proposed for Launceston, Tas. in October 2021
* Conference theme: Your forests, Our Future
* Conference Committee: Jim Wilson (Chair), Jacquie Martin (CEO), Julianne O'Reilly-Wapstra, Kevin Harding, Suzette Weeding, Rohan Reid, Bill Jackson, Peter Volker, Jinglan Wang, Jay Fowler.
* Conference venue proposed for Country Club Casino, Launceston

3 August and 1 June 2020 Committee Meetings

1.  Over the past year, the Tasmanian Committee supported the selection of Tasmania for the IFA/AFG national conference to be held in October 2021, with committee members and regular members represented on the conference organising committee. We are very pleased to support the 2021 Conference to occur in Tasmania.
The Tasmanian Committee:
2.  Responded to the Annual Review of Private Forests Service Levy, indicating general support for PFT.
3.  Provided a Letter of FSC Certification Support re Forest Management carried out by Forico Pty Limited
4.  Provided a detailed Review of Reliance Forest Fibre Draft Management Plan (Ver. 2) 
5.  Assisted with several issues raised by members relating to forest management and grower concerns.
6.  Proposed an Advisory Note to members and growers (and their neighbours) to inform them to take necessary care and precaution in advance of the coming fire season(s). The IFA is seeking to collaborate with the Rural Fire Management Authority re possible workshops and/or information and training across land tenures to assist with fire season preparedness. 


AFAC Tasmanian Bushfire Review


Tasmania Division meeting dates for 2020/21

Bimonthly meetings have been scheduled for the first Monday in alternate months, at 3.30-5.00 PM, as follows, unless otherwise advised in advance:
Next Meeting: (by GoTo Meeting and phone-in)
Monday 5 October 2020
Monday 7 December 2020  
Monday 1 February 2021

Tasmania Division IFA/AFG 

Executive Committee Members 2020/21

Martin Moroni - Pres. / Chair
Jim Wilson - V.Pres/Chair
Jay Fowler - Member
Alex Tabor - Member
Nigel Calvert - Member
Neville Calvert - Member
Robin Dickson - Member
Tony Stonjek - Member
Des King - Member
Lawrence Archer - Member
Stephen Rymer - Member
Stephen Walker - Member
Clive Woolridge - Member
Nick Martyn - Member
Greg Unwin - Secretary