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WA AGM: Minutes 

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WA Division Statement on bauxite mining and revegetation in the Northern Jarrah Forest

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Managing forested catchments- threats and opportunities

The Western Australian Division of the Institute of Foresters ran a successful half-day workshop on Friday 30 September 2016 on the theme of Managing forested catchments- threats and Opportunities. 

Catchments for domestic water supply and irrigation use cover a million hectares of jarrah forest between Mundaring and Collie in the south-west of Western Australia. Catchments integrate a range of land uses- water supply, biodiversity, ecosystem health, bauxite mining, recreation and silviculture; and require protection from bushfire, disease, pollution and reduced stream-flows.

The workshop was attended by 80 representatives from a wide cross section of interests. These included  current and former Members of Parliament, Ministerial staff, those with interests in conservation and ecosystem health, staff from a range of Government departments, representatives of industry, of academia , biologists and foresters.

Key themes addressed during the workshop included:
changes in ecosystem health due to declining rainfall
silviculture to enhance ecosystem health and stream-flow
the need to protect catchments from bushfire
rehabilitation of forest following bauxite mining, and the implications of mining for water yield
the role of lower-slopes and stream-zones in  protecting biodiversity
potential market based opportunities to increase water yield through active management of catchments

Written papers and presentation notes have been made available for download below:
Factors affecting inflows into Harvey Water dams presentation

Fire and the forested catchment

Impact of bauxite mining on water yield
- Notes

Managing forested catchments
- Presentation
- Notes

Thinning of regrowth stands in the jarrah forest
- Presentation
- Notes

The workshop concluded with a wide ranging discussion that offered useful directions for future action. There was support to engage a broad range of interested people by establishing an advocacy group to develop proposals and lobby Government to implement active catchment management programs. Profitable, self-funding mechanisms would greatly reduce the current costs to Treasury of desalination and bushfire suppression.

Many of the Issues addressed during this workshop are relevant to the management of forested catchments throughout Australia.




The South West Agroforestry Network is a branch of the national organisation, the Australian Forest Growers (now merged with the IFA), which represents private tree and forest growers across the country.  It is a voice for private tree growers at local, State and national levels.   
The South West Agroforestry Network covers the greater South West of Western Australia; i.e. the Wheatbelt, South Coast and South West regions.

SWAN Comittee

Duncan Beggs (President) Gary Brennan (Treasurer/Sec) Alan Briggs (Wheatbelt) Bob Hingston (South West) Clare Kent (Wheatbelt) Dan Wildy (South West)
David Humphreys (South West)
Greg Hodgson (South West)
Ian Hall (AFG board member)
James Kernaghan (Sth Coast)
Marty & Connie Winch-Buist
Peter Beatty (South West)
Tim Mitchell (South Coast)

Email: afgswan@gmail.com

What we do
We support tree growers and others by:

  • Training and field days
  • Master TreeGrower courses
  • The Peer Group Mentoring program
  • Providing access to information
  • Connecting people to services
  • Circulating e-Newsletter

Trees are planted for a whole range of different purposes, but some principles are common to all.  We have tried to provide basic guides for some of the key elements for successful tree growing.
Click HERE information  to find out more about:


  • Planting Design
  • Species Selection
  • Weed Control
  • Site Preparation
  • Planting
  • Seedling protection
  • ;Pruning
  • Thinning
  • Coppice Management

For more information visit www.swagroforestrynetwork.com.au

AFG SWAN Register

AFG SWAN Branch is coordinating a register of timber assets on private land. This will benefit growers across South West WA by matching their timber with any opportunities for existing and new markets.

  • Free for AFG members. To access the register for free as a member, login first and click the Events tab (Note, AFG is offering up to 2 months "free" membership for anyone who joins AFG in May and June. Please join and pay online then email accounts@afg.asn.au to indicate you would like to take advantage of this offer)
  • $50 for non-members

Other benefits - access to SWAN services including:

  • The Peer Group Mentoring Program (i.e. support for landowners who want to use trees but aren't too sure how to start)
  • Master TreeGrower courses
  • Discount for field days
  • Gate sign with SWAN logo