Forest Fire Management


The articles provided in this Members area of the IFA/AFG’s website are for the information and interest of IFA/AFG members. They come from a variety of sources and are provided to generate debate and discussion, and to better inform members of the variety of views present on forest fire management. IFA members are encouraged to comment on papers listed or posted here so that the IFA’s Forest Fire Management Committee may formulate draft IFA/AFG Position Papers for the IFA/AFG Board’s endorsement and publication.

The contents of these papers do not necessarily represent the views or positions of the IFA/AFG Board, the IFA/AFG's Forest Fire Management Committee, or of the membership of the IFA/AFG.

One of the first tasks undertaken by the Committee has been to review the Institute’s two policy papers relating to forest fire management, which were last updated in 2003. Much has changed since these documents were prepared and the decision was taken to combine the key points into a single draft position paper. This is titled The Role of Fire and its Management in Australian Forests and Woodlands. Members were invited to read the draft position paper and provide comment; the final policy paper after this consultation process can be found HERE .