Forest Valuation Subcommittee

Committee Members

Keith Lamb (Convener)

Tony O’Hara

Rudolf van Rensburg

Andrew Morton

Chris Brookwell

Terms of Reference for the Subcommittee

1. A standing Sub-committee of the Institute of Foresters Australia be created with the purpose of promoting and managing updates to the Australian Forest Valuation Standard
.The Sub-committee will prepare a works plan for reviewing and promoting the AFVS, for endorsement by the IFA.
3. The works plan to include a biannual meeting schedule comprising:

- one meeting per year dedicated to a review of the AFVS under a works plan to be agreed by the committee, and
- one meeting per year to provide a workshop forum to discuss topics of interest

4. The Sub-committee will publicise meetings and invitations will be issued to Members of the IFA and other interested parties; 
5. The Sub-committee will seek to establish formal ties with the New Zealand Standard Valuation Working Group;
6. The Sub-committee will provide an expert forum for determining disputes or providing advice on matters of interest to users and practitioners;
7. The Sub-committee seek support from appropriate funding sources to provide funding for further development and promotion of the AFVS; 

Australian Forest Valuation Standard

The Australian Forest Valuation Standard provides guidance for forest valuers in conducting a valuation. 

The standard and an accompanying handbook are available for downloading below. 

A Standard for Valuing Commercial Forests in Australia - Version 2.1

Handbook to accompany “An Australian Standard for Valuing Commercial Forests" - Version 2