What’s a forest worth? Incorporating and managing multiple forest values through natural capital accounting

Date: 11 June 2020
Time: 12:30 (AEST)

RFP CPD hours: 1.0

About: The way traditional economics measures the environment, or in many instances doesn’t, is a long standing problem. For decades, our primary measure of economic activity, gross domestic product (GDP) has measured “progress” without accounting for the cost borne by the environment, nor the substantial benefits we receive from it. In politics and economics we regularly use the word “capital” to mean assets like buildings or cash. This should extend to the environment too. Nature is an asset. The need to recognise our natural capital is highlighted by its ongoing loss – the reductions in forests, the depletion of fish stocks, the degradation of soil, the loss of biodiversity, more severe flooding and similar trends.

The human and environmental cost of these losses are invisible if you only look at GDP, and so there is little political incentive to do anything. With the growing focus on the natural capital accounting, in this webinar, Carl Obst from IDEEA Group will explain the essentials of natural capital accounting, describe progress in the public and private sector and highlight the opportunities for the forest sector.

Speaker: Carl Obst Carl is a Director at the Institute for Development of Environmental-Economic Accounting - IDEEA Group. Carl was the lead author and editor of the United Nation’s System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) – the international standard for government work on accounting for natural capital. His current work involves projects on environmental-economic accounting and sustainability measurement within the United Nations system, the Natural Capital Coalition and various companies and governments.

Carl is a leading player in closing the gap between government and corporate approaches to natural capital accounting.

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