About IFA/AFG membership

The Institute of Foresters of Australia incorporating Australian Forest Growers (IFA/AFG) is a professional body with approximately 1,000 members engaged in all branches of forest management, growing and conservation in Australia. The Institute is strongly committed to the principles of sustainable forest management and the processes and practices which translate these principles into outcomes.

The membership represents all segments of the forestry profession, including public and private practitioners engaged in many aspects of forestry, nature conservation, resource and land management, research, administration and education.
Membership is not restricted to professional Foresters. Other persons associated with or interested in the area of forests are welcome to join IFA.

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The many benefits of being an IFA/AFG member include:

  • Stay up to date with forestry news via the fortnightly IFA/AFG e-News and The Forester, IFA’s quarterly newsletter

  • Access the latest research (as well as every paper ever published) via Australian Forestry, the only quarterly scientific peer reviewed journal produced by Australians for the Australian context - valued at over $400

  • Have your knowledge, skills and experience recognised through the Registered Forestry Professional scheme

  • Support the IFA/AFG as it advocates for the forestry profession, forest growers and other professionals working within the industry

  • Build your forestry and forest growing networks

  • Full-time Student Members get FREE registration to all webinars and virtual seminars 

  • Participate in national and local events including the IFA conference, seminars, forums and field days

  • Access professional development and forestry thought leaders from anywhere via IFA/AFG webinars

  • Enjoy savings via the IFA’s Member Savings program, including discounted groceries, electronics, insurances, travel - your IFA/AFG membership pays for itself in savings.

  • And yes, IFA/AFG members receive a discounted rate to all IFA/AFG events

Membership categories and fees

The IFA/AFG membership year is 1 July – 30 June, members are welcome to join at anytime of the year.  New members who join after 1 October will have their membership subscription adjusted and will be charged a pro-rated fee.

Current annual subscription fees (includes GST) for 2020 - 2021  are:

  • Professional  $440
  • Young Professional $110
  • Family leave $220
  • Retired $220
  • Full time student $25
  • Grower – Farm $190
  • Grower – Large/Forestry Business $490
  • Friends of the IFA $220
  • Overseas $90

Membership category definitions

Professional (Full)
You are eligible for Professional membership if you:

  • hold a qualification in forestry or similar discipline together with at least two years appropriate forest management forest science or forest professional experience.

Young Professional

A member is eligible for a heavily discounted Young Professional rate if they are a part-time student of any Australian University or tertiary institution, or for the first five years following graduation from his/her first forest related studies (Environmental science, Environmental management, Forestry, etc).

Grower - Farm
Up to 100 hectares of planted forest or 1,000 hectares of native forest.
Please note a grower member is not entitled to a subscription to the Australian Forestry journal.

Grower - Large/Forestry Business
Over 100 hectares of planted forest or over 1,000 hectares of native forest or working in the industry.
Please note a grower member is not entitled to a subscription to the Australian Forestry journal.

IFA/AFG voting members who are no longer working. Full time. Maternity or paternity.

Family Leave
Current IFA/AFG voting members who are on 12 months leave.

Honorary Life
Members who are awarded complimentary membership for life as a result of service to the IFA/AFG or services to the Forestry profession – this membership category is by nomination only.

IFA/AFG Members who pre-paid their membership for life – this membership category is now closed.

Associate (Friends of IFA/AFG)
You are eligible for Associate membership if you are interested in the objects of the Institute and do not meet the criteria for Voting membership. This is a non-voting membership.

You are eligible for an overseas subscription if you are a citizen of and reside in a country other than Australia. This is a non-voting membership.

Student (Full-time)
You are eligible for student membership if you are a full-time student attending forest related studies (Environmental science, Environmental management, Forestry, etc.) at any Australian University or tertiary institution. Please note this concession is only available for one degree in forest related studies. This is a non-voting membership.