Tough new penalties could mean jail for those who incite property invasion and harassment with the passage of the Criminal Code Amendment (Agricultural Protection) Bill 2019 through the House.  Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Nationals, Michael McCormack, and Deputy Leader of the Nationals and Minister for Agriculture, Bridget McKenzie welcomed the Bill’s progress, and called on the 46th Parliament to side with primary producers.

“We need to protect our farmers, fishers and foresters, their families and their workers from the real and present threat of activists invading in masses, damaging property and stealing animals,” she said.

Minister McKenzie said the Bill criminalises the action of publishing material, via a carriage service, with the intention to incite trespass, damage and destruction.

“When you trespass, steal and harass you’re not a protestor, you’re not committing ‘civil disobedience’ like the Greens say, you’re a criminal and deserve to be punished with the full force of the law,” Minister McKenzie said.

“There are state and territory laws that deal with trespass and they remain but our laws are in addition to these and target those who incite these sophisticated and coordinated attacks…”

Source: Timberbiz