Webinar: Drones in Forestry

Date: Wednesday 19 August 2020
Time: 1:00PM (AEST) RFP CPD
Hours: 1.0

Can Drones be of use to you?

This webinar will look at different drone models for the beginner and pro; tips for being an effective user; current regulations and the latest developments and uses for drones in Australia’s forestry sector. The webinar will also look at the future of drones and emerging technologies.

No matter if you work with, own or manage 1 tree or 100,000, or are slightly interested in the world of drones, this webinar is for you!

James Rennie (Australian UAV): After a 17 year career in technical roles in consulting engineering companies James founded Australian UAV in early 2013.  A keen aero modeller as a kid saw James developed a lifelong passion for aviation that collided with his professional data and analytic skills. James is recognised as one of the leaders in drone service delivery in Australia and has presented internationally. AUAV has been listed in the top 20 drone companies globally for the past two years by Drone Industry Insights based out of Germany.

As CEO and Chief Remote Pilot at AUAV his role is largely office based now but he does still occasionally get his hands dirty on complex projects. Australian UAV have worked for around a dozen forestry companies, mostly in tree survival counts.

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Non-member: $40

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