IFA Policies

Please find IFA policies as follows:

pdfConservation and Management of Rainsforests

pdfForest Genetic Resources

pdfConservation of Australian Native Forests and Woodlands

pdfGenetically Modified Organisms in Forestry

pdfTimber Production and Biological Diversity

pdfMaintaining Forest Healthz

pdfConservation of Remnant Native Woodlands

pdfForest Certification

pdfManagement of Private Native Forests

pdfPlantations in Rural Landscapes

pdfClearing of Native Forests for Plantations

pdfUse of Chemicals in Plantation Forestry

pdfForest Management Planning

pdfTimber Production in Native Forests

pdfForest Regulation and Codes of Practice

pdfSiviculture in Australia's Native Forests

pdfFuture Directions for Australia's National Forest Policy

pdfCriteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management

pdfSocial Values in Forest Management

pdfRole of Fire in Australian Forests and Woodlands

pdfManaging Fire in Australian Forests and Woodlands

pdfThe Role of Forestry as a Primary Industry

pdfEnvironmental Credentials of Timber as a Building Material

pdfAustralian Native Forests and Water

pdfRiverine Red Gum Forest of the Southern Murray-Darling Basin

pdfPlantation Forests and Water

pdfAllocation of Water for Environmental Purposes

pdfCommunity Awareness and Knowledge on Forestry

pdfRecreation in Australian Public Forests

pdfEco-Tourism in Australian Public Forests

pdfDryland Salinity Mitigation and Trees

pdfEnvironmental Services in Forests and their Valuation

pdfForests and Climate Change Mitigation

pdfWood for Bioenergy

pdfWoodchips from Australian Forests