4 light through canopy
The field day will look at thinning in regrowth forest and in a sugar gum plantation. 
MORNING: meet at 9.30am at the ImLal biorich site on Lal LaFalls Rd to the NE of Ironmine Rd. Watch out for display board. Discussion around encouraging regeneration for biodiversity and managing dense regrowth. Forester Gary Featherston to lead, including talking about when and how much to thin?
AFTERNOON: after a BBQ lunch at ImLal, convoy to 250 acre ‘Galwiji’ sugar gum plantation, where David McFarlane will take us through optimising returns via thinning, the target final crop and equipment options. Address is 309 Pryors Rd, Scotsburn.
Event Date 23-03-2019 9:30 am
Event End Date 23-03-2019 4:00 pm