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How do I update my profile?

Follow the link: Member Login *** Create link to new membership page

This link will allow you to login in to the IFA online members’ portal.

Your login details should be your IFA membership number preceded by FA, e.g. FA10440. You will also need to enter your password, which can be reset from this webpage as well. (Please note you are able to change your username when you have logged in in the “My Details” section, see below)

Once you have logged in click on the “My Membership” button in the bottom left hand corner. A new window will open allowing you to select a range of options (e.g. My details, My CPD/CPE etc.). From these options select “My Details”. This will allow you to edit any details that our membership database has concerning you. Simply click on the ‘edit’ button in the top right hand corner to edit any of your details or update your personal profile.

If you require any further assistance please Contact Us.

How do I pay my annual subscription fee?


How do I update my CPD?