Australia/ China Forestry Cooperation

Foresters lead China/Australia relationship Cooperation between Australia and China countries in the field of forestry has been germinating for some time, but last night the first signs of real strength and maturity in the relationship took hold.
Institute of Foresters Australia National President Rob de Fegely signed an historic Memorandum of Understanding last night with the President of the Chinese Society of Forestry Zhao Shucong.
Rob de Fégely said, ‘This MOU builds on the significant interaction between our members and provides an important vehicle for building the relationship as our economic ties grow.
‘China is now our major forest products trading partner and so it makes sense for us to trade ideas and skills as well as products’.
‘This MOU is a culmination of a number of years building relationships between our two organisations and the recent China Australia Forestry Exchange Program has been the catalyst to develop a more formal and higher level relationship’.
A forestry investment forum was held in Sydney earlier this month specifically aimed at Chinese investors.
‘It was fitting that the Chinese Forestry Society also signed MOUs with the Japan Forestry Society, the Korean Forestry Society and the Canadian Institute of Foresters at the same time. All countries are important trading partners of Australia and similarly have a long history in forest management and development’, said Mr de Fégely.
The Chinese Society of Forestry was founded in 1917 and is one of the oldest academic societies in China while the Australian Institute of Foresters is not a lot younger, celebrating its 80th birthday this year.