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Conference 2018 Program

  • 27 August – 1 September

    Session timing



    Departs from Sydney, Tuesday 28 Aug - Saturday 1st Sept; travels to Canberra

    AFG pre-conference field study tour - details of tour

    Led by Kevin Harding, AFG President

  • Sunday 2 September

    Session timing



    Late morning – late afternoon

    Early Career Professionals & Students Forum - Future Forest Leaders Program

    Skills development

    Leadership & communications

    Mentoring & networking

    4:00 – 5:00 pm


    5:00 – 5:30 pm


    All AFG Members are invited to attend

    5:00 – 5:30 pm

    IFA NSW Divisional AGM (at the Fenner School)

    All IFA NSW members are invited to attend

    5:45 pm - 9.00pm

    Welcome to country, to the ANU and to the conference

    Welcome Cocktails and BBQ Dinner



    Wally Bell
    Prof Marnie Hughes- Warrington

    Conference committee


  • Monday 3 September

    Session timing



    From 8:00 am


    9:00 am


    9:30 am

    Forests for healthy cities 1

      Kenneth Er, CEO, Singapore National Parks Board

      Kate Auty, ACT Commissioner for Sustainability & the Environment

    10:30 am

    Morning tea

    11:00 am

    Forests for healthy people

      Jackie Schirmer,
    University of Canberra

      Kathryn Williams,
    University of Melbourne

    12:00 pm


    12:45 pm

    Concurrent Focus Sessions

    sessions 1 and 2

    Focus Session 1: Forests for healthy cities and people Focus Session 2: Forests for healthy farms and people
    Catherine Keirnan (ACT Climate Change Policy)  Dr Hilary Smith (Latitude Forest Services)
    Adrian Gray (Landscape Architects) Dr James Bulinski (CO2 Australia)
    David Rowlinson (Planet Ark) Zoe Ryan (Climate Friendly)
    Laura Rayner (ACT Parks and Conservation)

    2:30 pm

    Afternoon tea

    2:45 pm

    Concurrent contributed papers
    sessions 1 and 2

    Session 1: Forests for healthy cities and people Session 2: Farm Forestry – Making it work
    A/Prof Cris Brack (ANU) & Jasmin Ghazalli Rowan Reid (Australian Agroforestry Foundation)
    Dr John Dargavel Daniel Mackey & Cameron Neil
    Dr Bill Jackson Dr Daniel Mendham et al.
    Dr John Van Der Kallen (DEA) Zara Marais et al.
    Dr Matthew Parker (National Arboretum Canberra) Peter Langdon (ACT Parks and Conservation)

    4:15 pm

    Short break

    4:30 pm

    World Café
    Parallel Sessions

    Forests for healthy cities and people Forests for healthy farms and people

    ‘Conversation Pit’ and Trade Exhibits – open all day

    5:30 - 6:30 pm


    All IFA Members are invited to attend

    7:00 pm

    Conference dinner

      Prof Graham Farquhar

  • Tuesday 4 September


    1) Most sessions will start with session 1 at the National Arboretum of Canberra except session 4 (Farm forestry - east) which is a full day farm forestry session.

    2) Please dress appropriately for the weather which will be cold, windy or wet requiring warm layered clothing and raincoats. All sessions will require fully closed in footwear.

    3) Session 4 - Peter Marshall has rightly emphasised that Biosecurity is everything for their family business. They have a diverse farm business but central to this is a very high value truffle business. They are chemical spray free because the use of any fungicides, herbicides etc will impact on soil biology and healthy truffle production (truffles are a fungal fruiting body). As responsible professional organisations, both Australian Forest Growers and the Institute of Foresters expect all members to be conscious of the need for biosecurity protocols to be rigidly observed and complied with on farm visits. It should be routine practice for all of us to be thoughtful visitors to all our work sites and other properties we visit to minimise the possibility of bringing pests and diseases in with us on clothing and footwear or on our vehicles.

    The Marshall’s have kindly allowed us to visit their family farm and all Conference attendees are expected to comply with the following mandatory protocols.

    a) Footwear must be scrubbed and sterilised to remove all dust and dirt.

    b) Backpacks, camera cases etc should also be scrubbed and sterilised. Wipe down cameras and field note books etc with disinfectant wipes. Please leave backpacks and camera cases on the bus.

    c) All clothing must be freshly laundered so that it is clean on the day of the field session – to eliminate all fungal, bacterial and viral spores as well as any weed seeds etc.

    Please clean and sterilise your boots, clothing and backpacks/camera cases before you leave home so that you have clean gear with you for this field session. Anyone observed to not comply with these protocols will not be allowed to board the bus for this field session.

    Yes! … we are serious! … These biosecurity protocols are not optional and will be strictly enforced.

    4) For all other sessions please check and clean all clothing as necessary to ensure that it is free of any weed seeds.

    5) Lunch will be provided for all sessions.

    Session timing



    Session 1

    8.00am - 10.30am

    Joint field session.

    All sessions will commence with this session with the exception of Session 4 - Farm Forestry - East

    National Arboretum Canberra

    Session Leader - Assoc Prof Cris Brack

    Sessions 2,3,5,6

    10.30am - 4.00pm,

    Finish time may vary

    Concurrent field sessions


    Session 2 - Management of Canberra Urban Treescapes; Session Leader - Ms Rachael Dawes, A/General Manager, Urban Treescapes, ACT Government

    Session 3 Historic Canberra Treescapes and Australian National Botanic Garden; Session Leader - AFG Life Member & experienced local Mr Steve Thomas

    Session 4 Farm Forestry - East; Session Leader - Ian McArthur

    Session 5 Farm Forestry - West; Session Leader - Dr Kevin Harding, AFG President

    Session 4

    8.00am - 5.00pm


    Free evening

    Canberra – the world’s 3rd ranked city to visit 2018

  • Wednesday 5 September

    Session timing



    7:15 am

    Breakfast Forum

    Breakfast Forum – Education

    9:00 am

    Australian Government welcome

    Senator Anne Ruston

    9:15 am

    Plenary 3: Policy engagement forum

    Fiona Simson, President National Farmer's Federation
    Greg McCormack, Chair Australian Forest Products Association; Chair Midway
    Gordon Davies, President Greening Australia
    Rob Youl, OAM, Representative Landcare Australia

    10:30 am

    Morning tea

    11:00 am

    Focus Session 3: Forestry for
    healthy farms and people

    Next Generation Plantations Panel

    Dr Lyndall Bull

    Professor Rod Keenan

    Braden Jenkin

    Dr Nerida Anderson

    Tony Price

    Jonty Ephron

    Howard Parry-Husbands

    Rob de Fégely

    Ruth Harvey

    Gary Dunning

    12:30 pm


    1:15 pm

    Concurrent contributed paper
    sessions 3, 4 and 5

    Session 3: Urban and Indigenous Forestry

    Session 4: Practical Farm Forestry

    Session 5: Healthy Forests and Biosecurity

    A/Prof Cris Brack

    Dr John McGrath

    A/Prof. Treena Burgess

    Dr Marie Yee

    Peter Ritson et al.

    Dr Angus Carnegie et al.

    Dr Rosemary Lott & Rohan Jacobsen

    Ken Goulter et al.

    Dr Geoff Pegg

    Kamal Melvani

    Dr Graeme Palmer

    Francisco (Paco) Tovar



    2:45 – 3:00 pm

    Short break

    3:00 pm

    Wrap up by IFA and AFG Presidents, Conference Chair and FFI representative

    4:00 pm


The program information on this website is correct at the time of providing, however, the organisers reserve the right to change the information where necessary without notice.