Conference Proceedings 2018

The joint IFA and AFG  2018 Conference: Forests for healthy cities, farms and people, was held at the University House - ANU (ACT), from the 2nd-5th of September 2018. You can downdoad the Conference Program and the Conference Proceedings by clicking on the links below.
Please note, not all the presentations were made available for download as making tghe publication available is at the authors descretion.

Monday 3 Sept 2018:


Plenary Session 1: Forests for Healthy Cities 1 (9:30 - 10:30)

        Kenneth Er - Growing a Biophilic City in a Garden
       Professor Kate Auty - Forests for Healthy Cities and People 

Plenary Session 2: Forests for Healthy People (11:00 - 12:00)

       Kathryn Williams - Forests People and Well-being

Concurrent Focus Session 1: Forests for Healthy Cities and People (12:45 - 2:30)

       Catherine Keirnan - Developing Canberra's Living Infraestructure Plan
       Adrian Gray - Greening The City

Concurrent Focus Session 2: Forests for Healthy Farms and People (12:45 - 2:30)

       Nick O'Brien - Trading accuracy for simplicity

Concurrent Contributed Papers Session 1: Forests for Healthy Cities and People (2:45 - 4:15)

       A/Prof Cris Brack and Jasmin Ghazalli - Competition for Space
       Dr John Dargavel - Trees in our Everyday Life
       Dr John Van Der Kallen - Healthy Planet, Healthy People

Concurrent Contributed Papers Session 2: Farm Forestry - Making it Work (2:45 - 4:15)

       Rowan Reid - Australian Farm-Forestry: A Pretty-Ugly Oxymoron?
       Daniel Mackey and Cameron Neil - Planting, Hugging and Logging Trees... Together
       Peter Langdon et al. - Recreation ACT Forests

Wednesday 5 Sept 2018:


Breakfast Forum on Education (7:15-8:15)


Plenary 3: Forests for healthy farms and
people – Policy Engagement Forum (9:15-10:30)

       Warwick Ragg
       Gordon Davis

Focus Session 3: Next Generation Plantations Investment Discussion Panel (11:00-12:30)

       Dr Lyndall Bull
       Professor Rod Keenan - Planted forest investment: the future
       Braden Jenkin - Five Points
       Tony Price - New Generation Plantations
       Ruth Harvey - New Plantation Investment

Concurrent Contributed Papers Session 3: Urban Forestry (1:15 - 2:45)

       A/P Cris Brack - 

Concurrent Contributed Papers Session 4: Practical Farm Forestry (1:15 - 2:45)

        Dr Peter Ritson et al. - Risks and Costs

Concurrent Contributed Papers Session 5: Biosecurity for Healthy Forests (1:15 - 2:45)

         A/Prof. Treena Burgess - Pathogens on the move: A 100-year global experiment with planted eucalypts
         Dr Angus Carnegie et al. - Risks and Costs
        Paco Tovar - Protecting Australia’s forests