About RPF

Why do we have the Registered Professional Forester Scheme?

The purpose of the Registered Professional Forester scheme is to promote high standards in the professional practice of forestry.

Registrants, who are known as Registered Professional Foresters and designated RPF, use broadly interpreted, demonstrated knowledge relevant to forest management. They continually update that knowledge, and apply it with skill.

Registration in the RPF scheme is a logical step in career development. It provides further opportunities for foresters who have had at least five years’ professional or technical experience as a practitioner, including at least two years’ relevant experience in Australia.

What does RPF mean?

The designation 'RPF' certifies that the RPF Registration Committee has admitted the holder to the Register of Professional Foresters. This means that the forester:

  1. is eligible to be a Voting Member of the IFA (see Membership Regulations for requirements),
  2. demonstrates an understanding of and commitment to the IFA Code of Ethics,
  3. possesses the experience, skills and knowledge that the community expects of a Registered Professional Forester,
  4. undertakes to spends at least 30 hours annually undertaking continuing professional development, and
  5. if engaged in providing external consultancy services, is covered by Professional Indemnity insurance or has a statement of self-insurance, in the case of public sector foresters, as specified by the RPF Registration Committee.

What confidence can employers and foresters have in the Registration Scheme?

The RPF scheme is subject to an annual audit by an independent external auditor who reviews and assesses the scheme. The auditor reports to the IFA Board through the Chair of the RPF Registration Committee, which has overall responsibility for the scheme.

What does the RPF Scheme mean to employers and clients?

For employers and clients of forestry professionals, the RPF scheme guarantees that the Registered Professional Forester they are engaging has been assessed by expert practitioners and deemed to possess the experience, skills and knowledge identified by the RPF Registration Committee for that forester’s area/s of expertise.

How will employers and clients know whether the Registered Professional Forester has the expertise they need?

Each Registered Professional Forester is issued with a Certificate when the RPF Registration Committee has assessed and accepted the application. The Certificate identifies the area/s of skills/expertise for which the forester has achieved recognition. Employers and clients should ask the forester proof of RPF registration.