Become a Consulting Forester

Can I be an ACFA member and not an IFA member?

No. ACFA operates as a Division of the IFA therefore agreeance to the IFA Code of Ethics and Constitution must be made.

Can I be an ACFA member and not be RPF accredited?

No. As a result of the merge between the ACFA and IFA there will be one accreditation system. The RPF scheme offers a ‘Consulting Forester’ category and the application is stringent in it’s processes to ensure the integrity and qualifications of its applicants. You must meet the initial and ongoing criteria of the RPF scheme to be associated with the ACFA Division of the IFA.

Can I be RPF accredited and not an ACFA member?

Yes. There are a number of different RPF recognition categories. Some of these categories do not relate to ACFA (Consulting Foresters).

Can I be RPF accredited and not an IFA member?

Yes. The RPF accreditation scheme is not limited to IFA members.

Are there fees involved?

Yes. IFA membership and ACFA fees are paid annually at the beginning of each financial year.  Annual ACFA fees cost: AU$132.00 (GST included).

The RPF accreditation scheme fee is paid with your initial application and at the time of your three year re-registration. There is no fee involved in completing your RPF Annual Return.

Click here for the current IFA fee structure or contact the IFA Office by phone (02) 6153 3044 or by email

How do I become a member of ACFA?

Complete the ACFA online application form.