2 Eucalypts in Laos
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  • 6 Spokes Trail Wildfire
  • 2 Blackbutt Sawlogs Bellangry NSW
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  • 5 Old Growth Tallowood
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About Forestry

Forestry is the practical application of scientific, economic and social principles to the establishment and management of ecosystems dominated by trees, or at least where trees are major components of an ecosystem. This means that forestry encompasses management of natural high forests, woodlands, plantations and the various combinations of trees and agricultural activities known as agroforestry, or farm forestry.

Forest management is concerned with the ecosystem as a whole, integrating all components of a particular ecosystem to achieve the objectives set by the forest or land owner. Forest management problems often require a multi-disciplinary approach, so a forester may work with other professionals such as zoologists, hydrologists, economists, entomologist and accountants.

A unique characteristic of forestry is its focus on the long term sustainability of forested ecosystems. This requires that foresters deal with day-to-day variables, such as weather, but also consider the long term view often more than 100 years. Planning is therefore a large part of forest management: short term planning for each season of a year and long term planning to enure that all other activities contribute to the long term objectives of management.

Why we need foresters

Australia has 147 million hectares of native forests. Some 103 million hectares of closed...

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What do foresters do?

There is a wide variety of specialisations available in the forestry profession. Some foresters...

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Who employs foresters?

ABARE (2012) estimates that around 66,000 people work in forest, logging and forest products...

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Forestry education and training

Undergraduate study Southern Cross University, Lismore NSW and at Mt Gambier S.A., offers...

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Forest certification

The IFA supports forest and forest product certification and supports action that increases...

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About the Forestry Careers Centre

Click here to go to our new Forestry Careers Centre The IFA is proud to be one of the first...

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