N. W. Jolly Medal

The N.W. Jolly Medal is Forestry Australia’s highest and most prestigious honour for outstanding service to the profession of forestry in Australia.
It recognises contributions from across the full scope of forestry and reflecting the diversity of significant contributions being made across a wide range of disciplines and forest management activities. In this context, forestry includes the sustainable management, development and use of forests for the diversity of goods and services that forest ecosystems provide, whether for public, private or commercial purposes, including education, research and development, forest policy and all types of forest land management.

The Award is named in honour of Norman William Jolly (1882-1954), who made an outstanding contribution to development of professional forestry in Australia in the first half of the 20th Century. More information about N.W. Jolly can be found HERE.

The Award is made by Forestry Australia’s Board on the recommendation of the Merit Awards Committee, which is made up of three Forestry Australia members and previous Jolly Medal recipients. The Rules for the N.W. Jolly Medal can be found HERE.

N.W. Jolly Medal Recipients

Year Recipient
2023 Dr Kevin Tolhurst AM
Rowan Reid
2021 Dr Jerry Leech
Gary Morgan AM AFSM
2019 Tony G.  Bartlett AFSM
Rob de Fégely AM
2017 Christine Stone
Rob Youl OAM
2015 J. Hans Drielsma AM
2012 Sadanandan  Nambiar AO
2011 R.L. Newman OAM
D.W. Flinn
2009 D.I. Bevege
2008 R.J. Underwood AM
2007 G.A. Kile AM
2006 F. Jack Bradshaw
2005 E.R. Rolley
2003 N. Phil Cheney PSM
2002 R. A. Free
2000 G. J. Bacon AM
1999 B. J. Beggs
1997 D. Doley
1996 R. C. Ellis
1995 F. H. McKinnell
1994 I. S. Ferguson AM
1993 R. G.  Florence
1991 L. A. Pederick
1990 M. J. Hall AM
Year Recipient
1989 S. W.  Gentle
1988 G. Minko
1987 A. Keeves
1986 A. G.  Brown AM
1985 T. M. Cunningham
1984 G. N. Baur
1983 D. G. Nikles PSM
1982 J. H. Chinner
1981 L. T.  Carron
1980 R. H. Luke AM
1979 W. D.  Muir
1978 A. G. MacArthur
1977 N. Hall
1974 N. B. Lewis
1973 J. M. Gilbert
1972 A. H.  Crane
1971 L. D.  Pryor AO
1970 W. G. Chandler MBE
1969 A. R.  Trist
1968 L. S. Hudson
1967 A. C. Harris
1966 K. P.  McGrath AM
1965 L. R. Benjamin CBE
1964 D. A. N. Cromer
1963 E. H. F.  Swain
1962 M. R. Jacobs ISO
1959 V. A. Grenning

NB: Australian and Imperial Honours only are shown. Recipients may have received honours from other countries and academies.