Green Triangle Branch

Forestry Australia is delighted to introduce the Green Triangle Branch Committee. Collectively the committee will bring a wealth of experience and share a deep commitment and passion for forestry and vision of a vibrant and active Green Triangle Branch.

The primary purpose of the branch is to provide opportunities to local members to gather, learn and network through field trips and events. On occasion, members of the Committee may be called upon to assist with submissions that is relevant to a Branch’s location.

The Green Triangle spans the border southern border of South Australia and Victoria, and is one of Australia’s most significant forest regions, with around 160,00ha of softwood plantations and 110,000ha of hardwood plantations. To view area, click HERE

Jan Newport (Interim-Chair)

Jan is an independent forester with over 30 years’ experience in Australia, Canada and New Zealand specialising in policy development, and the provision of advice to state government departments, forest agencies, and forestry organisations.

She has had an extensive career in forestry working in both the public and private sector in plantation establishment, private forestry development, forest policy, and forestry education with operational and field experience predominantly in Pinus radiata and E. globulus silviculture.

Jan holds a Bachelor of Forest Science (University of Melbourne), Graduate Diploma of Business Management (Monash University) and Graduate Diploma of Education (Deakin University) and has completed the Australian Institute of Company Directors – Foundations of Directorship. She is also a registered forestry professional (RFP).

Mike Bleby, OAM

Michael graduated in Forestry from ANU in 1970 and worked in SA Radiata Pine industry for 40 years, in the South East, the mid North of SA and the Mt Lofty Ranges. His career spanned all aspects of forest operations, fire protection, nursery management. He was District Forester at Mt Crawford and Mt Burr during the Ash Wednesday fire replant. Subsequently he worked in Operations Development, harvesting and sales, in the Green Triangle. He was a Fellow of the Institute of Foresters of Australia (IFA). After retiring he lectured in Forest Operations for Southern Cross University, served on SE Natural Resources Board, and is a writer of Forestry memoirs.

Michael Cornish

Michael has been a farmer and forester all his working life. He has been on his property “Boolara” at Coonawarra, South Australia for the past 40 years. Working initially with his parents Betty and Brian and now his wife Rosemary.

“Boolara” is a mixed enterprise property consisting of farming sheep, cattle, viticulture and forestry. These ventures utilise the various soil types within the farm. Being involved as a young fellow assisting his family with the initial establishment of forestry on the property, which was purchased in 1972. Initially planting in 1995 Pinus radiata and then Eucalyptus globulus and shelter belts around the farm. He gains great satisfaction with the whole process of growing and tending the forestry areas. From planning, planting, building roads, butt trimming, harvesting and making bio char to name just a few of the jobs. These jobs however often competing with the other operations on the farm. Meeting with other foresters, sharing and gaining knowledge is always a highlight for Michael.

Michael would like to spend more time working in the forest and utilising the timber on his portable Lucas Mill and making more bio char which is then spread on the pasture. The environment and global warming are of utmost concern for him.

Ainsley Mann

Ainsley is from Eden, NSW and moved to Mount Gambier to start her career in Forestry at HVP Plantation’s. She currently holds the role of Harvesting Forester. Ainsley has many interests in Forestry  including including ecology, genetics and research.

Andrew Moore

Biography to come