Upcoming Events in WA

Foresters Wood activity day

The Forestry Australia WA Branch would like to invite members, friends and family to participate in an activity day.

Foresters Wood, Glenoran (20 km west of Manjimup)
Date: Saturday 7 October | Time: 9:30am

The activity day will include:

  • Pruning
  • Weed control and preparation for the fire season
  • Burning heaps
  • Thinning oak sapling thickets

Bring a picnic lunch and thermos, a few basic tools if you have them (pruning saw, rakehoe, small chainsaw if you have one) and personal protective equipment (gloves, boots, eye protection). This is a great opportunity to enjoy socialising in the outdoors while making a contribution to improving the ever-popular Foresters Wood. New members are particularly welcome. There are plenty of further local attractions in the Donnelly Valley area if you want to make a full weekend of your visit.

RSVP to WA Branch Secretary Peter Beatty

 The Foresters Wood App

The Foresters Wood App was designed to enrich the visiting experience to this arboretum near Manjimup. Use this guide as you walk among the trees and groves and learn their stories and why they have earned a place in this unique arboretum. Please download before visiting due to mobile reception.

To easily access the The Foresters Wood App in Android and Apple platforms, click HERE to view QR codes.

Past WA Events

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Friday 1 September

Online Event: Prescribed Burning – Practical Challenges at Landscape Scale
Wednesday 28 June | Time: 9:00am
Ed Hatherley, Blackwood District Fire Co-ordinator, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Parks and Wildlife Service

Online Event: Biomass Recovery from Plantation Thinning Operations in Ireland
Monday 22 May 2023

Online Event: Post fire survivorship and recolonisation of quokkas (Setonix brachyurus) in southwest Australian forests
Date: Tuesday 16 May 2023

Field Trip: Forest Pest Management Research Consortium & Industry Plantation Management Group
Friday 28 April 2023

Book Launch: Shades of Green
Finding a middle path trough the forest by the late Dr Chrissy Sharp
Date: Friday 18 November 2022

Online Event: An Introduction to Soft Edge Mosaics
A novel approach to large scale prescribed burning for biodiversity management and community protection
Date: Friday 1 July 2022

Field Trip: Thinning for Ecosystem Health
Date: Sunday 19 June 2022

Foresters Wood Working Bee
Date: Saturday 21 May 2022

Dinner & Presentation
Collaboration to Transform Forest Health and Bushfire Mitigation
Date: Tuesday 22 March 2022

Online Event: Supply Chains for Hardwood Pulpwood
A Tasmanian Perspective – learning from the transition from weight based to cubic metre based supply chains for hardwood pulpwood
Date: Tuesday 14 December 2021

Field Trip: Manjimup
Private Plantation Growing – Softwood Resources – Small scale Sawmilling Field Day
Date: Saturday 11 September 2021