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Book Launch | Shades of Green: finding a middle path trough the forest

Forestry Australia’s WA Branch would like to invite members to the upcoming book launch of Shades of Green: finding a middle path through the forest by the late Dr Chrissy Sharp.

The late Dr Sharp, was well known and respected by many foresters in WA for her commitment to practical forest conservation, while being willing to engage constructively with people in the forestry profession. In later years, Chrissy participated actively at high levels in the articulation of an approach to managing native forest resilience – bringing political and community leadership skills into play.

Chrissy’s readable memoir of her 46 years of involvement in forest activism and green politics will be launched/celebrated on 18 November – on what would have been her 75th birthday.

Andrew Thamo, Chrissy’s partner, and Forestry Australia and AFG member will be hosting the launch. Andrew welcomes any members who able to attend the launch; alternatively, to obtain a copy of the book, see the web link below.

Enquiries can be directed to Branch Secretary, Peter Beatty: springbeatty1@bigpond.com.

Date: Friday 18 November
Time: 5:00pm
Location: Golden Valley Tree Park, Balingup

For more information, click HERE


Online Event: An Introduction to Soft Edge Mosaics

The Forestry Australia WA Branch would like to invite you to upcoming online event: Soft Edge Mosaics – A novel approach to large scale prescribed burning for biodiversity management and community protection.

Date: Friday 1 July 2022
Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm (AWST)
Registrations close: Thursday 30 June at 10:00am (AWST)


Ryan Butler, Regional Leader, Fire Management will provide an introduction to soft edge mosaics. Ryan will cover the following:

  • Protecting forest values
  • Fine scale of burn results
  • Biodiversity benefits
  • Community protection
  • Large scale (56,000 hectares)

Registrations (Inc. GST):
Forestry Australia Members: $0 | Non-Members: $20

Field Trip: Thinning for Ecosystem Health

The Western Australia Committee of Forestry Australia would like to invite your participation of a guided field trip to Munro and Hamilton Blocks thinning trials.

Date: Sunday 19 June 2022
Time: 10:30am – 4:00pm (AWST)
Meeting Point: Kirup Tavern, 47 South Western Highway, KIRUP, WA, 6251
Equipment: Wear appropriate clothing and footwear and bring your hard hat and high-vis vest
Food and drinks at own expense. BYO snacks, lunch and water.

Registrations close: Friday 17 June at 10:am (AWST)


In this field trip the following will be discussed:

  • What are the thinning prescriptions to be used;
  • What products will be produced;
  • What is the likely yield; and
  • What is the most appropriate equipment for the job.

Registrations (Inc. GST):
Forestry Australia Members: $0 | Non-Members: $20

Foresters Wood Working Bee

Date: Saturday 21 May
Time: 10:30am (AWST)
Location: Glenoran Rd, West Manjimup, WA, 6258
Assembly and briefing time will be from 10.30 inside the Wood at the central parking area.

The West Australia Branch of Forestry Australia would like to invite you to the upcoming Foresters Wood Working Bee.

It is time for the annual autumn field visit and working bee at the Wood. Come along for 3 to 6 hours, armed with a tool or two, gloves, appropriate shoes and clothes for weather conditions. BYO lunch, snacks, and water.

Foresters Wood team has set up for interesting species plantings (including Picea, Morus, Abies, Taxodium) – some of it supplementary, preceded by preparatory digging, and followed by tree guarding.

If weather conditions allow, as in some of past autumn events, burning off debris and bracken may be feasible. Other weeding, and debris clean up near creek access plantings is also required. Even though its Federal Election Day on the 21, a hearty half day’s work and fellowship in the scenic wood environs will be relief from political issues of the current period .

For any enquiries, contact Lachie McCaw (0429 977 998) mathermccaw@gmail.com or Peter Beatty (0417 994 677) springbeatty1@bigpond.com

We would like to acknowledge the supportive work of DBCA and Tim Foley.

Dinner & Presentation

To celebrate International Day of Forests, Forestry Australia WA Division and the Leschenault Timber Industry Club will be hosting a dinner as follows:

Date: Tuesday 22 March 2022
Time (AWST): 6:00pm seated | 7:30pm speaker
Location: Parade Hotel, Bunbury

Title: Collaboration to Transform Forest Health and Bushfire Mitigation
Professor Courtney Schultz will be speaking on successful collaborations in the United States between land and fire managers, communities, indigenous peoples, and conservationists. Collaborations that have delivered tangible results for forest health and restoration, mitigation of wildfire severity, and adapting forests to predicted climate changes.

Speaker: Prof Courtney Schultz, Forestry & Natural Resource Policy, Colorado State University
Professor Schultz is an associate professor of forest and natural resource policy at Colorado State University. She investigate topics at the intersection of science and policy, and her recent work has focused on policy innovations to support collaborative landscape restoration, effective fire management, and climate change adaptation on US forestlands. Courtney directs the Public Lands Policy Group, a research group focused on US public lands policy and governance. And, most recently started a Climate Adaptation Partnership at CSU to connect scientists, resource managers, and policymakers working on climate adaptation in the Western US. Prof. Schultz has authored over 50 publications on US forest policy issues, including a piece in Science on the importance of collaboration for all aspects of fire management and a book on the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program, and she recently testified before the US Congress on collaborative forest and fire management policy solutions.

For those who are interested in the presentation but unable to attend on the day, the presentation will be available via Zoom to watch and a recorded copy will be available to download by registered participants.

Registration (incl. GST)
Members & partners: $80 | Non-members & Partners: $90 | Online only: $10.00
Registrations close: Monday 21 March at 1:00pm

Dinner registration, includes a three course meal.

WA ONLINE EVENT: Supply Chains for Hardwood Pulpwood

A Tasmanian Perspective – learning from the transition from weight based to cubic metre based supply chains for hardwood pulpwood
Date: Tuesday 14 December
Time: Please note, time changed from 9:30am (AWST) to 12:00pm (AWST)

Speaker: Darren Herd – Strategic Logistics Manager – Forico, Tasmania
Darren oversees the planning and wood supply team in Tasmania, focusing on integrating innovative technology into the Forico business.. Darren is a professional forester with more than 25 years experience.

Since implementing volume based systems, Forico have realised significant annual reductions in forest products transport costs. Hear from Darren Herd how the new technology has catalysed the economic and environmental savings

Forestry Australia Member: $0 | Non Member: $25

WA Field Trip: Manjimup

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Private Plantation Growing – Softwood Resources – Small scale Sawmilling Field Day

The Western Australia Committee of Forestry Australia would like to invite your participation in the following field trip at Manjimup

Date: Saturday 11 September
Time: 9:00am to 3:30pm
Meeting Point: Manjimup next to Tall Timbers and Coronation Park at 9:00am, leaving at 9:15am
BYO Lunch: Some drinks and coffee / tea /snack facility will be provided

Registrations close: 10 September at 10:00am

This field trip comprises 3 main stop sites east of Manjimup and about 95 km travel. We feature radiata pines under private sharefarm management as well as bluegum plantation both maturing and 2nd rotation coppice.
Grower and IFA/AFG member David Humphreys is main host. WAPRES representative, Davin Gibellini, will also be providing an update on current bluegum establishment and management practices and markets. A special addition is a tour of Rockbridge Timber (sawmill) hosted by David Mottram – where pine and occasional hardwood are processed in a modernized efficient facility, and with targeted marketing of products.
Discussions on the day will focus on silviculture, softwood resources and business of growing and log processing, and eucalypt plantation management.

To view field day map, click HERE

WA AGM: Minutes

To download minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in November 2020, click HERE

WA Division Statement on bauxite mining and revegetation in the Northern Jarrah Forest

Please click HERE to read the WA Division Statement.

Managing forested catchments- threats and opportunities

The Western Australian Division of the Institute of Foresters ran a successful half-day workshop on Friday 30 September 2016 on the theme of Managing forested catchments- threats and Opportunities.

Catchments for domestic water supply and irrigation use cover a million hectares of jarrah forest between Mundaring and Collie in the south-west of Western Australia. Catchments integrate a range of land uses- water supply, biodiversity, ecosystem health, bauxite mining, recreation and silviculture; and require protection from bushfire, disease, pollution and reduced stream-flows.

The workshop was attended by 80 representatives from a wide cross section of interests. These included current and former Members of Parliament, Ministerial staff, those with interests in conservation and ecosystem health, staff from a range of Government departments, representatives of industry, of academia , biologists and foresters.

Key themes addressed during the workshop included:
• changes in ecosystem health due to declining rainfall
• silviculture to enhance ecosystem health and stream-flow
• the need to protect catchments from bushfire
• rehabilitation of forest following bauxite mining, and the implications of mining for water yield
• the role of lower-slopes and stream-zones in protecting biodiversity
• potential market based opportunities to increase water yield through active management of catchments

Written papers and presentation notes have been made available for download below:

Factors affecting inflows into Harvey Water dams presentation



Fire and the forested catchment


Impact of bauxite mining on water yield



Managing forested catchments



Thinning of regrowth stands in the jarrah forest



The workshop concluded with a wide ranging discussion that offered useful directions for future action. There was support to engage a broad range of interested people by establishing an advocacy group to develop proposals and lobby Government to implement active catchment management programs. Profitable, self-funding mechanisms would greatly reduce the current costs to Treasury of desalination and bushfire suppression.

Many of the Issues addressed during this workshop are relevant to the management of forested catchments throughout Australia.


The South West Agroforestry Network is a branch of the national organisation, the Australian Forest Growers (now merged with the IFA), which represents private tree and forest growers across the country. It is a voice for private tree growers at local, State and national levels.
The South West Agroforestry Network covers the greater South West of Western Australia; i.e. the Wheatbelt, South Coast and South West regions.

SWAN Committee

Duncan Beggs (President) Gary Brennan (Treasurer/Sec) Alan Briggs (Wheatbelt) Bob Hingston (South West) Clare Kent (Wheatbelt) Dan Wildy (South West)
David Humphreys (South West)
Greg Hodgson (South West)
Ian Hall (AFG board member)
James Kernaghan (Sth Coast)
Marty & Connie Winch-Buist
Peter Beatty (South West)
Tim Mitchell (South Coast)

Email: afgswan@gmail.com

What we do
We support tree growers and others by:

  • Training and field days
  • Master TreeGrower courses
  • The Peer Group Mentoring program
  • Providing access to information
  • Connecting people to services
  • Circulating e-Newsletter

Trees are planted for a whole range of different purposes, but some principles are common to all. We have tried to provide basic guides for some of the key elements for successful tree growing.
Click HERE information to find out more about:

  • Planting Design
  • Species Selection
  • Weed Control
  • Site Preparation
  • Planting
  • Seedling protection
  • ;Pruning
  • Thinning
  • Coppice Management

For more information visit www.swagroforestrynetwork.com.au

AFG SWAN Register

AFG SWAN Branch is coordinating a register of timber assets on private land. This will benefit growers across South West WA by matching their timber with any opportunities for existing and new markets.

  • Free for AFG members. To access the register for free as a member, login first and click the Events tab (Note, AFG is offering up to 2 months “free” membership for anyone who joins AFG in May and June. Please join and pay online then email accounts@afg.asn.au to indicate you would like to take advantage of this offer)
  • $50 for non-members

Other benefits – access to SWAN services including:

  • The Peer Group Mentoring Program (i.e. support for landowners who want to use trees but aren’t too sure how to start)
  • Master TreeGrower courses
  • Discount for field days
  • Gate sign with SWAN logo