Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry

Nominations for the Prince of Wales Award are open.

The Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry is to recognise the achievement of an outstanding young to mid-career forest professional. The award is to encourage engagement in and dedication to, the principles of sustainable forest management including policy, planning and practice and sound science-based land stewardship.

Nominations close: close of business Monday 18 September 2023.

Eligibility Criteria 

  1. Eligible recipients must be early to mid-career forest professionals and up to 40 years of age and have made outstanding contributions to forest professionalism in general, within their community.
  2. Recipients must be members in good standing of Forestry Australia, thus demonstrating their personal commitment to lifelong continuing education and professional development, and their support of forest professionalism.
  3. The recipient must be a citizen of Australia.
  4. The recipient can only receive the award once.
  5. Unsuccessful nominations received in one biennial round may be reconsidered at the next round.

Selection Criteria  

Consideration is given to the individual’s personal engagement and activity with respect to sustainable forest management as it relates to their current career achievement in, volunteerism, leadership, citizenship, academics, extra-curricular activities, and other personal and professional accomplishments.

The selection criteria is as follows:

  1. Dedication to Sustainable Forest Management principles through: Career achievement: demonstrated application of and adherence to good forest management policy, planning and practice, and observance of and dedication to professional ethics in a work-related capacity.
  2. Public outreach and knowledge exchange: leadership and involvement in volunteer community activities related to sustainable forest management and promoting understanding of good forestry practices – i.e. tree planting, eco-oriented youth groups, habitat rehabilitation and restoration projects, nature trail maintenance, etc.
  3. Academics: demonstrated effort and engagement throughout post-secondary career, specifically in forest management, ecology and conservation related courses.
  4. Memberships and affiliations: Forestry Australia membership, environmental organizations, charities, etc.
  5. Involvement with Forestry Australia: participation in programs, activities and events i.e. conferences, workshops, science seminars, field tours, socials, section council meetings.

Nomination Procedure

  • Any Forestry Australia financial Voting Member may nominate a person for the Award. The nomination should be seconded by another financial Voting Member and endorsed by the appropriate Branch or Special Interest Committee Chair.
  • Each nomination must be accompanied by a one-page citation in support of the nomination.
  • The nominator may seek information from the person being nominated, however once a nomination is made the nominators should not discuss the nomination.

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A copy of the nomination form as a Word document  is also available. Click HERE to download.

Past Recipients

2021 Dr Tegan Brown
2019 Mr Leon Holt
2018 Ms Erin Hodgson
2017 Mr Jesse Mahoney

The Forestry Australia Prince of Wales Award for Sustainable Forestry Rules