Forest Fundamentals Online Learning Program

Forestry Australia has developed the Forest Fundamentals Online Learning Program providing an introduction to forestry specific subjects.

Forest Fundamentals is available free of charge to members. 

The program features 15 forestry experts presenting over 35 videos as well as additional resource guides on themes such as forest values, active management, forest monitoring and evaluation and social values of forestry.

In 2021, Forestry Australia consulted with employers and several senior foresters. The sector told us that there is a notable knowledge gap within the Australian forest sector.  Forest growers are recruiting graduates with environmental science or agriculture qualifications, who are well-qualified in their field, but they lack some fundamental forestry knowledge.

In response to this feedback, Forestry Australia developed this program to:

  • Provide forestry-specific information targeting recent graduates and new entrants to the forestry sector.
  • Build the sector’s capacity with practical forestry knowledge, targeting subjects that are not easily or currently available.
  • Capture and make available the extensive knowledge of Forestry Australia members and subject matter experts.
  • Assist companies when introducing new forestry concepts to staff or with onboarding of new staff.
  • Create an easily and conveniently access the resource.
Feedback on the program includes:

A great range of topics that will be helpful introductions to forestry graduates and as a review for more experienced people.

Videos are a great insight for those who just discovered forestry.

I think the complexity of the information presented really demonstrates the vast array of forest values and how they must be considered.

Excellent list for additional reading

Forest Fundamentals program includes the following titles and speakers:

1. Forest Values
Supply chain – Plantations: Dr Mihai Neagoe
Supply chain – Native forest:  Patrick Groenhout
Forest valuation methodology: Keith Lamb
Valuing forests for carbon & other non-wood values: Professor Cristopher Brack
Managing forest values: Mark Annandale

2. Active Management
Plantations (Silviculture):  Braden Jenkin
Active management for plantations: Dr Michelle Balasso
Active management of native forests: Mike Ryan
Harvesting to protect the environment: Gary Featherston
Role of fire & fire behavior: Associate Professor Kevin Tolhurst
Active management of wood production: Dr Michelle Balasso
Water quality monitoring and management: Associate Professor Leon Bren
Silviculture for smaller producers: Braden Jenkin
Managing urban and native forests: Professor Cristopher Brack
Certification: Gary Featherston
Forest engineering principals & management: Braden Jenkin

3. Forest Monitoring & Evaluation
Forest biometrics/statistics: Dr Michelle Balasso
Basic science of measurement: Dr Brian Turner
Resource modelling: Dr Brian Turner
Tree measurements & inventories: Dr Brian Turner
Remote sensing & GPS: Dr Brian Turner
Financial, budgeting and contract management: Braden Jenkin

4. Social Values of Forestry
Community engagement: Megan Graham
Commercial forestry in a community settling: Mark Annandale

5. Sector Priority
Forest policy/framework & governance: Professor Peter Kanowski
Business management & investment analysis: Braden Jenkin
Leadership and introduction to management roles: Patrick Groenhout
Research: Dr Michelle Balasso