• Passionate about forestry?
  • Thinking about the future of your forestry career and career planning?
  • Looking to improve your time management skills?
  • Interested in developing goals and strategies with an experienced professional who has been where you are now?
  • Want to improve your networking skills and expland your professional connections?
  • A forester or forestry leader looking to share your knowledge, invest in the future of the sector and help others by becoming a mentor?

As we continue to build on the success of our Mentoring Program, Forestry Australia has opened applications for our 2024 Mentoring Program as of 7 December 2023, and will close Midnight 4 February 2024.

The program is FREE for Forestry Australia members to apply.

If you aren’t currently a Forestry Australia member but would like to become one, go to our Membership Page for more information,
or contact Jodi Duiker at membership@forestry.org.au

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A mentoring relationship is a powerful development experience that can deliver personal and professional benefits for both mentors and mentees.

Forestry Australia’s mentoring program runs for 9 months and is designed to establish connections within the forestry sector by pairing experienced forestry professionals with those who are seeking to evolve their career. Engagement and connection can be in person or online, whatever works for you.

The program has been developed around a framework and tool kit of resources which will support participants to ensure effective and sustainable knowledge transfer, skill acquisition and maintaining momentum for all participants.

Some of the Key Themes we explore each month are:

  • Establishing Goals
  • Time Management for Life
  • Building Networks and Professional Connections
  • Values and Ethics in Business
  • and much more…

Mentors and Mentees are encouraged to invest one hour a month at minimum to meet plus additional time to prepare for each meeting including goal setting, pre-reading, planning and reflection activities.

We are never too young or too old to benefit from mentoring.
We believe that anyone can benefit from the offerings of the Forestry Australia Mentoring Program, at any age and at any stage of their career.

For more information about the program, please access the 2024 Mentoring Program Handbook.

2024 Mentoring Program Handbook


2024 Applications Open 7 December 2023
2024 Applications Close 4 February 2024
Mentoring partners e-Introductions 27 February 2024
Mentor & Mentee Information Sessions 20 & 21 March 2024
2024 Program Close | ‘It’s a Wrap’ Zoom 5 December 2024

Applications for the 2024 Mentoring Program are NOW CLOSED.
Thank you to all those who have applied.

The process of matching the mentoring pairs is now underway, and each participant will be notified by email on Friday 29 February 2024 ready for program commencement.

Applications for the 2025 Mentoring Program will be made available in November 2024.
If you have any enquiries regarding your application, or would like to know more for the Mentoring Program, please contact Jodi Duiker on the details below.


“[I enjoyed the] satisfaction of being able to support someone with their professional and personal growth. I also learnt a lot from them and their different skillsets.”
2023 Mentor

“As a mentor I learnt as much as my mentee partners – it’s good to challenge my historical thoughts, experiences and learnings with the modern approaches and learnings that the mentees are experiencing in today’s workplaces and changing environments (both physical and social).” 
2023 Mentor

“The great thing for me was to bounce ideas, dream about possibilities, map out pathways, and scheme how to take opportunities.” 
2023 Mentee

“Being partnered with someone who has challenged me. I have received honest and at times, difficult feedback or thoughts regarding different subject matters. These conversations have allowed me to grow immensely both within and outside of the workplace.”
2023 Mentee

“Don’t be in a hurry to make decisions…. especially in the context of resource management. The best piece from the provided material for me was tools relating to managing time. The mentoring is an ongoing relationship.”
2023 Mentee

Jodi Duiker
Mentoring Program Administration
E: admin@forestry.org.au
P: 03 7065 4253

Jan Newport (Chair)
Brendan Foster
Pat Groenhout
Braden Jenkin
Leon Holt
Tegan Brown