Russell Grimwade Prize

The Russell Grimwade Prize is available to university graduates who have subsequently worked for at least two years in a forestry or forest management related field in Australia or overseas. Study may be taken at any university in Australia or overseas offering postgraduate study in forestry or forest management. Applicants must be Australian citizens/permanent residents and have the qualifications for entry to postgraduate research degrees.

The Russell Grimwade Prize is awarded once every two years to a suitable candidate. The Russell Grimwade Prize is for advancement of scientific forestry in Australia.The term scientific forestry covers a range of scientific disciplines in forestry, forest management, forest sciences, forest conservation sciences, environmental management and environmental sciences. Forest engineering and harvesting, material engineering based on forest products, wood science, manufacturing of forest-based products, environmental impact sciences (including social impact) and forest goods and services are included in the term.

The purpose of the Prize is to assist in meeting the cost of a postgraduate forestry or forest management course at any recognised university or other tertiary institution in Australia or overseas.