In the Forest

Teaching Resources

Forestry Australia recommends two websites for teachers seeking resources about forestry.

Forest Education Foundation – Tasmania

The Forest Education Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit educational institution staffed by qualified and experienced teachers. The Foundation has been providing learning experiences for teachers and students throughout Tasmania for over 25 years.

FEF programs provide teachers and students with the opportunity to engage with forest environments. Making connections to the Australian Curriculum: Science, HASS and Design and Technologies. The FEF programs explore forest systems and the connection between humans and natural environments. The experienced teachers at FEF provide learning experiences that are hands-on, collaborative and encourage problem-solving skills.

Forest Education 

Forest Learning

The aim of is to serve school teachers and educators, children, and the public with information on Australian forests and forest-based products, and provision and access to forestry teaching resources. It is further supported by links to key government, industry organisations and educational service providers.

We provide educators with free teaching resources relevant to the Australian Curriculum and with a focus on Australian forests and sustainable timber products.

Forest Learning.


ForestInfo is a Canadian initiative providing environmental information in various formats. Of particular interest is the series of short videos called FastBreaks.