What We Do

Foresters without Borders works with communities and organisations in need to provide volunteers for technical advice that contributes to sustainable forest management in Australia and overseas, with a focus on the Pacific and Asia.

Project examples

Fiji – Forest Fire project

In Fiji, local people use fire to clear land for grazing and farming. If uncontrolled, fires from agricultural land escape into adjoining forests and woodlots, causing the loss or degradation of natural remnants and planted forests. Three FWB volunteers, Tim McNaught, John Steer and David Dore, worked with the EU-SPC Reforest Fiji Project, Fiji Government, local NGOs and communities to develop a National Forest and Rural Fire Management Strategy to address the issue. This strategy is now being used by local organisations to guide forest fire management activities and will assist to regenerate both degraded forests and agricultural areas.

Photos of the activities

Links to media reports:
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Vanuatu – Rebuilding Vanuatu Forestry

After cyclone Pam devastated Vanuatu in 2015, Forestry Australia members raised funds to help communities re-establish nurseries and tree plantings. Working with the Vanuatu Department of Forests, FWB has assisted with the purchase of equipment and the planning and establishment of community nurseries on … islands. These community tree plantings are helping to re-establish natural forest areas damaged in Cyclone Pam as well and to re-establish plantings of important fruit, medicinal and timber species.