Maxwell Jacobs Memorial Orations

The Maxwell Jacobs Memorial Orations are presented in conjunction with the biennial Forestry Australia conference, and are a series of thoughtful, constructive and stimulating contributions on current forestry issues.

2015 Dr Syd Shea The potential of the forestry profession to play a lead role in implementing integrated land management in Australia
2013 Dr Sadanandan Nambiar Forestry dialogues: where has the wood gone?
2011 Graham Wilkinson The tragedy of the forests
2009 Dr Ian Bevege The challenge of change in a climate of uncertainty: looking back to the future
2007 William Jackson Capitalizing on forest values in a changing world
2005 Phil Cheney The future of fire management in forestry
2003 Prof. Roger Sands Professional forestry education in Australasia – looking from the past to the future
2001 Prof. Syd Shea
1999 Evan Rolley Practicing forestry today: fashions, new ideas and old values
1997 Dr Gary Bacon Entropy and the renewal of Australian forestry
1995 Senator Brian Gibson
1993 Dr J Hans Drielsma Creating our own future: The case for positive vision in Australian forestry
1991 Mr H Bunn The Max Jacobs influence – A personal acknowledgement
1989 Prof. Ian Ferguson Green and gold forever?
1988 Mr Robert Newman Commemorative oration
1987 Mr J Groome
1985 Prof. Lindsay Pryor Australian forestry research in the future