Victorian Trials Project

The Trials Review, Information and Genetics (TRIG) Project for Farm Forestry in Victoria.  The purpose of the TRIG Project was to improve information pathways to assist furthering farm forestry expansion in Victoria.  The project was conducted over 12 months and focused on four areas:

  1. Update to the existing Victorian farm forestry trial database and identify priority sites to target for a strategically planned program of treatment and data collection
  2. Identify and map the regional location of high-quality existing plantings of priority species across Victoria including a full description of their soil types, altitudes and rainfall
  3. Document seed production areas from these sites, where improved seed can be sourced to produce improved planting stock – including species and provenance details
  4. Collate, clean and disseminate relevant updated datasets, reports and advisory information

Interactive Map

The TRIG Project developed a series of interactive maps to assist users to identify suitable species, soil types, altitudes, and rainfall for farm forestry in Victoria.  (Committee and PF Olsen, we will need to put in a clause here about the data quality and its uses and provide other instructions or notes).

Click here to view the map.

Case Studies

Case Studies coming soon

Case Study One

Case study one description

Case Study Two

Case study two description


Forestry Australia kindly acknowledges the Australian Government and Department of Jobs, Precincts And Regions (DJPR) for their funding and support as well as the TRIG Project Steering Committee and the team at PF Olsen and their suppliers.

Department of Jobs, Precincts And Regions (DJPR)

Steering Committee:

  • Dr Kevin Harding, Steering Committee Chair
  • Philippa Noble, President Farm Forest Growers Victoria
  • Andrew Lang
  • Andrew Walpole
  • Jan Newport
  • Liam Costello, DJPR
  • Robin Brotchie, DJPR
  • Phil Lacy, P F Olsen
  • Jacquie Martin, Forestry Australia
  • Observer: Erin Hodgson, P F Olsen