Merit Awards

Forestry Australia makes three merit awards on a regular basis to recognise excellence in forestry . More detailed information on each can be obtained by clicking on the links below.

Merit Awards Committee

Merit Award nominees are recommended to the Forestry Australia Board by the Merit Awards Committee. The Chair and members of the Committee are appointed by the Board. Members of the Merit Awards Committee are past winners of the Jolly Medal or the Prince of Wales Award and are appointed for three-year terms but are eligible for reappointment. Current members are Dr Hans Drielsma AM (Chair), Rob De Fégely AM, Dr Glen Kile AM and Dr Christine Stone.

Click HERE for Merit Awards Committee Charter.

Please note: In early 2023 the FA Board approved recommendations of a review of Forestry Australia merit and education awards. This review resulted in the rationalisation of awards in both categories in line with legal requirements, with the discontinuation of some awards and the redirection of some small funds to uses aligned with their original intent. Further assessment is being undertaken of the AFG Tree Grower of the Year Award.