Plantation Insurance

Protecting your Investment

Plantation trees are valuable, and become more so over their lifetime. Recognising this, most private forest growers insure their trees against fire and windstorm.

Forest insurance is a specialised service offered by only a few insurers. The insurance market is cyclical. When there is surplus underwriting capacity, insurance is easy to obtain and rates fall. At other times, insurers withdraw capacity, and premiums rise. The effects of this market cycle can be exaggerated by the fact of there being so few insurers.

In recent years, a number of Insurers have stopped writing Plantation Insurance resulting in some growers being able to secure or afford cover their trees.

Insurance Contact Information

Forestry Australia has appointed PSC Insurance Brokers as our partner to assist members to secure Plantation Insurance. We encourage members seeking Plantation Insurance to make contact with PSC. Their contact details are:

PSC Insurance Brokers (AFS Licence No. 305491)
Account Manager: Justin O’Keefe or Managing Principal, Caroline Jackman
PO Box 7476, Cloisters Square PO, WA 6850
P: (08) 9382 7843
M: 0427 176 107
E: or

PSC have extensive experience in Plantation Insurance cover and have spent almost two years negotiating a new product Plantation Protect which can provide much needed protection for growers around Australia.

There are some coverage aspects for Plantation Protect that you should be aware of:

  • Fire is covered as standard with Wind an optional extra.
  • Embargos and Waiting Periods may be implemented in areas, so we encourage growers to apply early to avoid any issues with coverage. For example Southern Growers fire season normally commences mid-November.
  • There is a 14-day premium payment policy condition where premium needs to be paid to PSC in that timeframe.
  • KMZ/ Shape Files must be provided for all Plantation Locations- see below for how to provide this information.

If you don’t currently have KMZ files, the following link will assist you in mapping your plantations:

Creating a KMZ File in Google Earth – Apollo Mapping | The Image Hunters

Please complete and sign the Plantation Protect Proposal Form and return, along with your KMZ files to:

Justin O’Keefe