Carbon Working Group

The Forestry Australia Carbon Working Group was formed in March 2021, to ensure that carbon market frameworks in Australia incentivise best practice tree growing and forest management and align with national forest policies.

The functions of the Group include:

  • Identifying and advocating for reforms to carbon market frameworks that will:
    – increase the breadth of sustainable forest establishment and management activities that are eligible under the Government carbon market framework;
    – or increase the commercial viability of forest carbon projects under the Government carbon farming framework;
    – and systematically integrate advice and expertise from trained Forestry professionals throughout the carbon project lifecycle
  • Sharing of information and best practice strategies for forestry professionals working in the carbon market
  • Timely communication of news, policy updates and other information relevant to forest carbon to the broader Forestry Australia membership.

Carbon Working Group Committee

The committee members include:

  • Liam Costello (Chair)
  • Geoff Roberts (Co-Chair)
  • Murray Root
  • Simon Cook
  • Mark Graeme
  • Daryl Killin
  • Dale Mesaric
  • Molly Daskey-Willis
  • Aaron Soanes
  • Peter Ritson