Forestry Australia Fellows

A Forestry Australia Fellow is an honour bestowed on a voting member of the Association who has been recognised by other members for their outstanding service to forestry and Forestry Australia.

A Fellow shall be entitled to use the post-nominals of FFA.

Fellows are awarded by Forestry Australia’s Board on the recommendation of the Merit Awards Committee, which is made up of three Forestry Australia members. The Fellow Rules can be found HERE.


2023  Dr Kevin Harding, QLD
2023  Mr Lachlan McCaw AFSM, WA
2023  Dr Michelle Freeman, VIC
2023  Ms Penny Wells, TAS
2023  Mr Peter Fagg, VIC
2023  Mr Andrew (Rob) de Fegely AM, VIC
2023  Mr Robert (Bob) Gordon, TAS
2023  Ms Ruth Ryan, VIC
2023  Dr Stuart Davey, ACT
2018  Mr Gary Featherston, VIC
2018  Mr Nick Cameron, NSW
2016  Dr Kerrie Catchpoole, QLD
2015  Mr Barrie Dexter, VIC
2015  Mr Ernest Rider, QLD
2014  Mr David Wood, QLD
2010  Dr William Jackson, NSW
2010  Mr David  Wettenhall, WA
2010  Mr John Macgregor-Skinner, NSW
2009  Emil Johnston, TAS *
2009  Mr Mark W Poynter, VIC
2009  Dr David Bevege, NSW
2009  Mr Peter Crowe, NSW
2009  Mr Graeme A King, NSW
2008  Mr Robert J Thistlethwaite, QLD *
2008  Dr Brian Turner, ACT
2007  Mr Graham R Wilkinson, TAS
2007  Dr Anthony G Bartlett, ACT
2007  Mr Michael H Bleby, SA
2005  Mr Robert L Newman, ACT *
2004  Mr Peter J Byrne, QLD *
2004  Prof Peter Kanowski, ACT
2004  Dr Peter W Volker, TAS
2004  Mr Noel Cheney, ACT
2004  Mrs Heather R Crompton, ACT
1999  Mr David G Ryan, NSW *
1999 Mr John E N Smith, TAS *
1999 Mr Peter A Bulman, SA
1999  Mr Peter G Sheehan, VIC
1997  Mr J (Neil) Parker, TAS *
1997  Dr Jerry W Leech, SA *
1997  Dr David B Boomsma, SA
1997  Mr Paul M Jones, WA
1995  Dr R A (Dick) Curtin, NSW*
1995  Dr Dick (Bob) Ellis, TAS *
1995  Mr Peter J Kanowski (Snr), QLD
1993  Mr Frank (Jack) Bradshaw, WA
1991  Dr Johannes H Drielsma, TAS
1991  Mr Don W Frankcombe, TAS
1991  Mr Kurt W Cremer, ACT *
1991  Mr Patrick J O’Shaughnessy, VIC *
1991  Mr Robert C  Nielsen (Snr), ACT *
1991  Mr Gary Waugh, VIC
1989  Prof Ian S  Ferguson, VIC *
1989  Mr Ellis A Nicholson, NSW
1989  Dr Gary J Bacon, QLD
1989  Mr Frank K Curtin, NSW
1987  Mr Evan R Rolley, TAS
1987  Mr Moray G Douglas, VIC *
1987  Mr Keith S Jennings, QLD *
1987  Dr Ross G Florence, ACT
1985  Dr David Doley, QLD
1985  Mr Geoffrey C Pople, NSW *
1985  Mr Kenneth C Felton, TAS
1985  Mr Edgar R Pfeiffer, SA *
1985  Mr Robert  Van Schie, TAS
1985  Mr Thomas F Yorkston, QLD
1981  Mr Alan Brown AM, ACT *
1981  Mr Jack L Henry, NSW *
1981  Mr Valentine P Cleary, VIC *
1980  Mr Robert Boardman, SA *
1980  Mr Francis B Clarke, NSW
1977  Dr Leon A Pederick, VIC
1977  Mr Alfred J Leslie, OS *
1975  Dr Ron J Grose, VIC *
1973  Dr Frank R Moulds, VIC *
1973  Mr George N Baur, NSW *
1973  Mr J H Chinner, VIC *
1971  Dr John M Gilbert, TAS *
1971  Dr Les T Carron,  ACT *
1969  Dr T Murray Cunningham, TAS *
1969  Mr W Bryan, QLD *
1969  Mr Norm B Lewis, SA

No Date  Mr Kenneth Shepherd, ACT
No Date  Mr Jim Walker, TAS
No Date  Mr Ken W E Vear, WA *
No Date  Mr John B Jack, VIC *
No Date  Mr Michael J Hall, VIC *
No Date  Mr Clive W Price, QLD *
No Date Mr Alan R Eddy, VIC *
No Date  Mr Peter Byne, QLD *
No Date  Mr Alfred (Charles) Shedley, WA *

* Forestry Australia acknowledges the contribution of these members who have since passed.