Four Corners – Extinction Nation Correspondence

1 August 2019

In response to the Four Corners ‘Extinction Nation’ episode that aired on 24 June 2019, the IFA has issued a letter of complaint to the ABC expressing concerns over the bias and lack of balance. We believe that the Extinction Nation episode represented bias on forest issues and the ABC neglected the obligations of its charter to provide balance – in particular the program failed to report on all the available science on these matters, including the work of forest scientists.

We believe that the approach used in this episode seriously misrepresented the science and the reality of species extinction due to a lack of context, basic understanding, and influence of environmental extremists, resulting in a poor journalistic outcome. It is well documented, but not reflected in the program that forest harvesting has never been responsible for any fauna or flora extinction in this country.

A Four Corners program devoting almost half of its on-air time to forestry practices only, whilst ostensibly examining the threat of extinction faced by Australian wildlife, displays a serious lack of perspective on what the real threats to our wildlife are.

Four Corners interviewed an IFA representative and also other forestry representatives for the program and yet, very little of the science and information provided in these interviews was included in the show that aired.

The IFA awaits a response from the ABC

To read the full letter, click HERE

A response from the ABC’s Investigation Officer for Audience and Consumer Affairs was received on the 27 September, to read the response click HERE.