Tuesday 19 July 2022

Australia’s forest scientists support Minister’s calls for environmental law reform

Following the release of the State of the Environment report, the peak national organisation representing over 1,000 forest scientists, professionals and growers in Australia has joined in supporting Federal Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek’s calls for more reform in the area of environmental law.

Ms Plibersek has called for environmental law reform which looks at institutional reform to make sure when laws are changed, they are enforceable and properly resourced.

Forestry Australia, President Bob Gordon said Forestry Australia takes the issues of threatened species and risk of extinction very seriously.

“The current approaches to management of Australia’s forests are not working – we believe we need to reform our philosophy of land management, our approach to conservation and how we manage our forests,” Mr Gordon said.

“The greatest, most pervasive threats to our forest ecosystems and biodiversity are invasive species; change in land use and the increased frequency and intensity of bushfire, which are being exacerbated by climate change and will not be improved by passive conservation techniques.

“A commonly heard narrative is that creating more National Parks and conservation areas is what is required to protect our forests. But invasive species, fire and other climate change impacts do not honour tenure boundaries.

“We encourage governments to invest in and focus on year-round active and adaptive management and an evidence-based approach to forest management.

“Active and adaptive management are actions taken across all forests, regardless of tenure, such as researching, monitoring, promoting, and supporting forest health and biodiversity, more strategic fuel management interventions including the use of prescribed fire, collaborating with traditional owners as they care for country as well as intervention to manage pests and diseases are all critical aspects in need of attention.”

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