Celebrating the role of science in our forests

19 August 2021

National Science Week 2021

The Institute of Foresters of Australia and Australian Forest Growers (IFA/AFG) is celebrating the role that forest science plays in ensuring a healthy and resilient future for Australian society and the environment for National Science Week 2021.

IFA/AFG CEO Jacquie Martin highlighted the benefits of forest management underpinned by data and research, paying tribute to the membership’s forest scientists.

“Science is at the core of effective forest management and at the core of what the IFA/AFG’s members do in their work looking after all land tenures including state forests, national parks and private forests,” Ms Martin said.

“Sustainable forestry – the science and craft of creating, managing, conserving, using and caring for forests – ensures all values of forests can be supported and enhanced, ultimately ensuring a resilient and healthy future for Australian society and the environment.

“Robust scientific inquiry and civil debate is vital to progress in any field of endeavour, and forestry is no different.

“The benefits of evidence-based forest management are far-reaching and include maintaining and improving biodiversity, addressing climate change, carbon sequestration, supporting a circular economy and managing fire risk.

“By applying research outcomes and working closely in collaboration with Traditional Owners, forest scientists do so much for nature and society by providing solutions and improvements to a range of environmental issues.

“As part of National Science Week, I’d like to acknowledge and thank our forest scientists for the vital role they play in managing our forests, as well as celebrate the role of science in our society more broadly.”


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