Monday 23 May  2022

Forestry Australia happy and growing

Forestry Australia has released results of its latest member audit, which show a happy and growing membership base.

The organisation has experienced an unprecedented 19 per cent increase in membership since 2020, with member satisfaction also significantly increasing.

86.75% of members described themselves as being satisfied or highly satisfied with their membership – up 27.3% over the past four years.

The proportion of members reporting that membership was good or exceptional value for money also increased by over 28% since March 2019.

Forestry Australia CEO Jacquie Martin said the audit results reflected the brand development, enhanced member offerings and other positive changes that have occurred within Forestry Australia in recent years. It also reflects the growing importance of well-managed forests to Australian society.

“Forestry Australia is incredibly proud to represent over 1,070 forest scientists, professionals and growers who manage, study and care for our forests,” Ms Martin said.

“To see our membership experience rapid growth in both numbers and satisfaction is extremely pleasing, and reflects a broader recognition of the need for an association like Forestry Australia.

“Sustainable forestry remains key to a prosperous and healthy future for Australian society and the environment.

“We understand that forestry related professions are continuing to change and evolve in line with advances in science, as well as in response to external pressures such as climate change and catastrophic weather events.

“We remain committed to serving our members through continuing to advocate for forest science and growing forests, working to increase awareness and improve social recognition of forest management, and providing high quality services and professional development opportunities.

“Through continuing to produce and act upon the latest science and increasing collaboration with Traditional Owners we will work together to ensure our forests are healthy and resilient for generations to come.”

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