Forestry Australia welcomes new VP Jim Wilson

Friday 12 August 2022

Forestry Australia has welcomed Jim Wilson as new Vice President of the organisation, covering the position made vacant by Dr Michelle Freeman while she takes maternity leave.

“I am delighted to provide service to Forestry Australia as Vice President. The future is bright for our profession,” Mr Wilson said of his appointment.

“We are increasingly recognised as an enabler to a significant climate change solution. My passion is with people and I’m interested in supporting Forestry Australia as we mature and recruit broader membership interest from all who are passionate about well managed forests.”

President Bob Gordon welcomed Mr Wilson into the role, saying his experience and knowledge would help the organisation continue to provide excellent outcomes for its members.

“Jim is a Registered Forestry Professional, with a career which has been focused in the private sector. He has invested his recent years working with Forico in Tasmania, as well as providing significant service to the forest sector in advocacy and leadership,” Mr Gordon said.

“Jim is also an active farm forester with both plantation and native forest in Tasmania. His experience and knowledge in these areas are extremely valuable to the board and his recruitment to Vice President progresses Forestry Australia’s succession plans.

“Forestry Australia has made some great achievements over the past 12 months, including a 10 per cent increase in membership, more student and young members, a record 1,420 registrations for our annual webinar program, a booming 456 National Conference participants and 60 people taking part in our newly launched mentoring program.

“We are proud to have also produced an operating surplus, which allows us to reinvest in projects and initiatives that are important to members, which has in turn increased the pride they feel in their Forestry Australia.”

Mr Gordon thanked Dr Freeman for her service to the organisation as Vice President, a position she plans to resume later in 2023.

“Michelle has been a dedicated and passionate advocate for our profession for a number of years now, and while we will miss her presence and knowledge, we are delighted for her and her family in this exciting chapter of their lives,” Mr Gordon said.

“Forestry Australia is very proud of the diversity of our leadership and our membership more broadly, and we are pleased that Michelle is planning to resume her role as Vice President following the completion of her leave in 2023.”

Forestry Australia’s Conference and Membership Manager Naomi Will is also taking maternity leave, with Mr Gordon wishing her and her family the very best, and looking forward to her return in 2023.

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