Grants to support fire impacted farm foresters & small-scale rural investors

15 January 2020

The IFA/AFG issued a media release on Wednesday 15 January, which welcomed the announcement by the Federal Government of support packages of up to $75,000 grants for Primary Producers affected by the bushfire crisis.

“Our members appreciate the response of firefighters, governments, volunteers and professional land managers to resource the immediate need to support fire control and suppression activities,” Dr Harding said….

“…, the rebuilding efforts needed to bring these communities and regions back to a level of functional normalcy as quickly as possible is also important. It will be assisted by the grants of up to $75,000 to support farming, forestry and other businesses in fire-impacted regions.

Dr Harding said forestry plantations and native forest management on farms is a long-term investment providing important economic resilience to farmers in times of drought, flooding and other weather induced loss of other crops or livestock.

Dr Kevin Harding, who is spokesman for small private forest grower members of the IFA/AFG professional body which merged in 2019, said our members impacted by these current fires will need to rapidly assess damage and organise salvage harvests to preserve the quality of their timber and to minimise their losses.

“Some will have lost vital plant and equipment and some small private foresters will need to build road access for these salvage harvests. The grants announced today are appreciated as they will assist these farm foresters and small-scale rural investors.

The IFA/AFG continues to consult with government as they flesh out the details of the funding and we will keep members informed as more details are announced.

Going forward we ask that members provide us with feedback and comment on the scheme and its accessibility. It is important to us that the funding is helpful and works for our members, and if it does not, we want to know so that we can advocate on your behalf.