2023 ANZIF Conference

Date: Sunday 15 – Wednesday 18 October 2023
Location: Twin Towns Conference Centre, Tweed Heads, NSW

To access the slides for each session, click on the hyperlinked session title below. Video recordings of presentations will be available soon.

Sunday 15 October

Day #1
Workshop #1: Growing the Next Gen Together: Showcasing forest industry-school partnerships and tools with ForestLearning
Clarissa Brandt, Luciano Mesiti, Jonathan Tibbits, Josh Praolini
Workshop #2: Enhancing the diversity and growth of forestry professionals in Pacific Island Countries to meet the needs of the future
Graham Wilkinson & Jalesi Mateboto
Workshop #3: The role of biodiversity in the future of forestry – markets, methods and the path ahead
Michelle Freeman, Kerryn Herman, Simon Cook, Adrian Ward, Nicole Yazbek-Martin, Dan O’Reagan
Opening & Plenary Session #1: Maxwell Jacobs Oration: Move with the Times! Has Forestry responded adequately to social, demographic and economic trends?
Dr Neil Byron
Farming for the Future: can natural capital improve outcomes from productive agriculture?
Dr Elizabeth Heagney
Breakout #1: Natural capital & opportunities
Jim Binney, Jacqui Aimers, Greg Smith, Russ Martin, Nick Cameron & Peter Clinton
Breakout #2: Biosecurity
Toni Withers, Helen Nahrung, John Simmons, Michael Watt & Carolin Weser
Breakout #3: Research, investments & updates
Dean Williams, Jodie Mason, Braden Jenkin, Gavin Matthew & Jerry Vanclay
Breakout #4: Communication Workshop
Clarissa Brandt

Monday 16 October

Day #2
Women in Forestry Breakfast
Nora Devoe, Kerrie Catchpoole, Ellanese Mytton, Emily Post.
Plenary Session #2: Sustainable tropical forestry—nature-based solutions to global challenges
Sheam Satkuru
Breakout #5: Future hardwood plantations
Philip West, Trinh Huynh & Emma Leslie
Breakout #6: Student presentations
Zoya Cheraghi, Eliza Thompson, Jady Smith, Duc Bui, Listya Mustika Dewi
Breakout #7: Education & the future of the profession
Helen Murray, Glenn Dale, Bruce Manley
Breakout #8: Forest gardening & Traditional Owner management
Oli Moraes, Caleb Dunolly-Lee
Breakout #9: Innovation & productivity
Jon Lambert, John McGrath, John Senior, Matt Thomas
Breakout #10: Forest Health and biosecurity engagement and capacity building
Simon Lawson, Paco Tovar, Geoff Pegg, Sam Van Holsbeeck, Jodie Mason
Breakout #11: Stakeholder, social and cultural values
Grace Villamor, Don Carson, Kit Richards & Jonathan Tibbits
Breakout #12: Indigenous forestry panel
Mark Annandale, Dallas Anson, Michael Brand, Matt de Jongh, Patricia Fitzsimons, Rob McGavin, Keith Mununggurritj, David Wirrpanda, David Yunupingu
Breakout #13: Harvesting & logistics
Keith Raymond, Mohammad Ghaffariyan, Rien Visser, Grace Villamor
Breakout #14: Forest Health & biosecurity science
Helen Nahrung, Michael Ramsden, Angus Carnegie, Conrad Trollip, Andy Howe
Breakout #15: Farm forestry
Patrick Worms, David Jochinke, Eko Maiguo
Breakout #16: Traditional owner partnerships & opportunities
Malcolm Paterson, John Shipp, Robert Potter, Les Kosez, Patricia Fitzsimons, Te Kapunga Dewes
Breakout #17: Carbon and water
Trinh Huynh, Petter Nyman, Lachlan McCaw, Clare Stephens
Breakout #18: Genetics & predictive forestry
Vilius Gendvilas, Huiquan Bi, Dominic Kain, Tony McRae
Breakout #19: Farm forestry
Rod Keenan, Peter Handford, Dougal Morrison, Cris Brack
Breakout #20: Forest tourism
Monique Blason, Justin Black, Kathy Lyons, Brendan Grimson, Louise Faulkner

Tuesday 17 October

Day #3
Plenary Session #3: The future of forestry, carbon and natural capital
Warren Parker, Libby Pinkard, Tim Woods, David Brand
Breakout #21: Carbon
Zoe Ryan, Thomas Paul, Bruce Manley, Geoff Roberts
Breakout #22: Fire & our future
Murray Dudfield, Anthony Walsh, Ruth Ryan, Helen Bull
Breakout #23: Technology
Albrecht von Ruffer, Paul Barber, Andrea Grant, Shaun Suitor
Breakout #24: Stakeholder engagement
Rachael Cavanagh, Tolita Dolzan, Stephanie Hunt, Richard Laity, Ewan Waller
Breakout #25: Carbon & climate change
Margaret Jewell, Grace Villamor, Fabiano Ximenes, Angela Gardner, Tim Wardlaw
Breakout #26: Fire detection, protection & communication
Glenn Newnham, Marta Yebra, Anthony Power, Steve Taylor, Euan Ferguson
Breakout #27: The benefits of trees on farms
Stephen Stewart, Jacqueline England, Thomas Baker, Jacqueline England, Sorada Tapsuwan, Anthony O’Grady, Elizabeth Pietrzykowski
Breakout #28: Stewardship & certification
Ross Garsden, Depi Susilawati, Simon Dorries, Matt de Jongh, David Bennett
Breakout #29: Natural capital, climate change and the bioeconomy
Natasa Sikman, Jeffrey Castellas, Jason Alexandra
Breakout #30: Monitoring & technology
Sam Van Holsbeeck, Sebastian Klein, Benjamin Wagner, Kerryn Herman
Breakout #31: Farm forestry & innovation
Kevin Harding, Jon Lambert, Braden Jenkin
Breakout #32: Community communication
Stephanie Hunt
Plenary #4 & Closing Session: My journey to forestry and the art of advocacy
The Hon. Joel Fitzgibbon