IFA/AFG response to CRCNA Northern forestry and forest products industry situation analysis

15 May 2020

The IFA / AFG welcome the release of the Northern forestry and forest products industry situation analysis by the Co-operative Research Centre of Northern Australia (CRCNA).

The situation analysis identifies several of the emerging and potential opportunities in the forest products sector, an aspect of the economy that is sometimes overlooked in discussions about northern development.

Trees and forests are vital to the sustainable development of northern Australia, and wise management of these resources offers long-term economic growth potential within indigenous and non-indigenous communities, particularly when integrated with grazing and mining activities.

Alex Lindsay, the Chair of the Queensland Division of the IFA / AFG, commended the authors of the report, in particular Michael Stephens, the CEO of Timber Queensland.

“Michael has done a tremendous job of engaging with a wide range of stakeholders across a range of jurisdictions and industry sectors,” Mr Lindsay said.

“If this report can raise the awareness of these and other potential forestry projects in northern Australia, it would be a good outcome.

“It would be even better if that potential can to be translated into a viable, long-term forest products industry, with the associated employment, in the north.”


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