Support for thinning regrowth forests in the south-west

17 June 2020

The organisation representing forest managers and private forest owners has welcomed calls for action on ecological thinning of regrowth forests in the south-west of Western Australia. Institute of Foresters and Australian Forest Growers spokesman John Clarke said that thinning of dense regrowth forests can provide a variety of benefits including improved forest health and more water available for streamflow and the environment. “Thinning also results in stands of widely spaced large trees that are attractive to many people in the community,” Mr Clarke said.

“Regrowth forests of jarrah, marri, karri and wandoo would benefit from well-managed thinning operations. “Working with owners of private native forest in the south-west is critical because many landowners are seeking advice and support to improve the health of their forest.

“The current process for approval of ecological thinning in private native forest is cumbersome and costly, and does not adequately differentiate between sustainable forest management and permanent land clearing. “Reform of the approval process is needed to recognise that many private forest owners wish to manage their forests in ways that maintain health and productivity for the long term.”


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