Tuesday 30 January 2024

Nation-wide call out for highly sought after Mentor Program

Forestry Australia is doing a nation-wide call out for passionate scientists and forestry professionals to take part in its highly sought after Mentoring Program.

Forestry Australia CEO Jacquie Martin said the program was a great opportunity to super-charge forestry careers.

“The relationship between a mentor and mentee is a powerful thing,” Ms Martin said. “It has the ability to change, shape and motivate both individuals and entire sectors, and that’s exactly what Forestry Australia’s Mentor Program is all about.

“The program is carefully designed to pair experienced forestry professionals with those who are seeking to evolve their career in our exciting sector. Over nine months, mentees will expand their forestry and professional skill sets, grow their networks and enhance their careers.

“The program has been developed around a framework and tool kit of resources which support participants to set career and development goals; teach time management for life, values and business ethics, forestry skills gap analysis and career planning.

“It’s also an excellent opportunity for experienced professionals to give back to the sector by investing their time and sharing their experience with the next generation of forest scientists and forest managers.

“I encourage anyone who is passionate about Australia’s forestry sector and sustainable forest management to join the program.”

Applications for the Mentor Program are open now, and close on February 4. It is free for Forestry Australia members, and if you’re not a member it’s easy to join : Membership Form HERE

For more information about the mentoring program, click HERE.


What Mentees and Mentors have to say:

“The great thing for me was to bounce ideas, dream about possibilities, map out pathways and scheme how to take opportunities.”   Brendan Foster, HQPlantations, 2023 Mentee
To download a picture of Brendan Foster, click HERE.

“I learnt to trust in my skills and abilities and lead with confidence. I learnt lots of practical skills to deal with day-to-day parts of my job, as well as the ability to set long term goals and remain accountable.” Kate Battishall, Forest Education Foundation, TAS, 2023 Mentee
To download a picture of Kate Battishall, click HERE.

“[The resources] were great topics to explore and develop to help me understand my strengths, weaknesses, where I can improve and what attributes are important for my career. I highly valued the experience and we will continue to catch up with my mentor into the future”. James Kidman, Otway Tonewoods, VIC, 2023 Mentee
To download a picture of James Kidman, click HERE.

“As a mentor I learnt as much as my mentee partners – it’s a good to challenge my historical thoughts, experiences and learnings with the modern approaches and learnings that the mentees are experiencing in today’s workplaces and changing environments (both physical and social).” Dr Kevin Harding, 2023 Mentor
To download a picture of Dr Kevin Harding, click HERE.

“[I had great] satisfaction of being able to support someone with their professional and personal growth. I also learnt a lot from them and their different skillsets.”  Tammy Auld, Timberlands Pacific, SA, 2023 Mentor
To download a picture of Tammy Auld, click HERE.

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