Scientists, professionals and growers
who manage, study and care for our forests

Scientists, professionals and growers who manage, study and care for our forests

Welcome to Forestry Australia

Forestry Australia is the professional association for foresters, private forestry, commercial treegrowing and all forestry professionals. Forestry Australia incorporates the Australian Forest Growers (AFG) and the Association of Consulting Foresters of Australia (ACFA).

Join Forestry Australia to gain valuable forest-related training, establish industry networks as well as access publications and resources. Forestry Australia members can also seek professional industry recognition.

Foresters, growers and practitioners engaged in nature conservation, resource and land management, research, administration and education are welcome as members.

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Forestry in Australia

Forestry creates, protects and works towards a world of flourishing forests supporting wildlife, livelihoods and a renewable, sustainable future.

Forestry is practiced in natural and planted forests, on public and private land. Following a values-based approach, active forest management maintains and protects forested landscapes in the face of a changing climate and other threats.

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About Forestry Australia

Forestry Australia formerly known as The Institute of Foresters of Australia (IFA) and Australian Forest Growers (AFG) is a professional association with approximately 1,000 members.

Our members are forest scientists, professionals, managers and growers operating in all aspects of forest and natural resource management throughout Australia.

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