Supply Chain – Plantations

About the Lecturer

Dr Mihai Neagoe, Foresion

Mihai is a researcher and consultant with expertise in supply chains, forestry and information technology. Mihai holds a PhD in Information Technology from the University of Tasmania and an MSc in Port and Transport Economics from Rotterdam University, the Netherlands. He is currently a research fellow at the University of Tasmania and an independent logistics and technology consultant.

In his doctoral research, Mihai worked with representatives of the forest industry in Tasmania and mainland Australia to reduce truck congestion in forest products export supply chains. Mihai has authored 13 publications and has presented at 6 national and international conferences. He has led several research consultancies on bioenergy, supply chain emissions, logistics modelling, and strategic forestry and forest products technical reviews.  Mihai has also actively engaged in developing and delivering lectures, tutorials and evaluation materials for undergraduates and postgraduates at the University of Tasmania for the past 3 years.

1.1 Supply chain (Part A)

Forestry supply chains have become globalised and increasingly fragmented. For instance, plantation timber harvested in Australia can be processed in China for customers in Europe by specialised organisations. Supply chains globalisation and fragmentation present significant opportunities for increased manufacturing and logistics efficiency. However, they also present challenges for supply chain visibility, resilience and understanding final customer requirements. This lecture provides an overview of the fundamental aspects of forestry supply chains including logistics, inventory management, procurement and digital tools.

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1.1 Supply Chain (Part B)

Supply Chain lecture, continued …