WEBINAR: The Case for State Forests – Assessing the net benefits of multiple use management of native forests

Date: Thursday 8 December 2022
Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm (AEDT)
RFP CPD points: 1.0


This webinar will present the key findings from a study conducted for the South and Central Queensland Regional Forestry Hub, with funding from the Australian Government, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. The study compared the benefits arising from multiple use forest management with the benefits from protected area management, using a robust Cost Benefit Analysis framework. The main message from this study is that state forests, managed for multiple uses, provide considerable value for society through a broad range of ecosystem services, including provisioning services, regulating services and cultural services. Multiple use management encompasses much more than selective timber harvesting. Most importantly, the study highlighted that multiple use management can maintain biodiversity conservation and increase the carbon stored in the forest and harvested wood products. Blair Freeman (Indufor) and Jim Binney (NCE) will discuss the study, the economic analysis, key findings and implications for forest management.

To read report Assessing the Net Benefits of Multiple Use Native Management in Queensland, click HERE.

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About Speaker – Blair Freeman

Blair is Head of Strategy and Sustainability at Indufor Asia Pacific. He has over 25 years’ experience in providing advisory services on forest policy, strategic planning, natural resource management and sustainable development, across Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Blair has led a range of complex multi-disciplinary projects, including strategic analyses and program reviews relating to forestry, conservation, and natural resources management. Blair was also a co-author of the Jackson et al. (2021) paper on reshaping forest management in Australia to provide nature-based solutions to global challenges.

About Speaker – Jim Binney

Jim is Director of Natural Resource Economics. Jim is a resource and environmental economic practitioner with over 25 years of postgraduate experience. Since 2006 he has undertaken more than 250 consulting assignments, with cost-benefit analysis, cost effectiveness analysis, and non-market valuation being tools used in most of his projects. A major focus of Jim’s work is the integration of environmental values into mainstream decision making and investment. Prior to commencing his consulting career in 2006, Jim was the Director of Economics for the Queensland Department of Natural Resources, overseeing extensive cost benefit assessments across the state.

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