WEBINAR: Growing Durable Eucalypts in Plantations

Date: Wednesday 21 June
Time: 11:30am – 1:00pm (AEST)
Chair: Jon Lambert
RFP CPD points: 1.5

With an increasing demand for durable timber an expansion of the durable eucalypt plantation estate is desperately needed. Case studies from small- scale hardwood eucalypt plantations will feature in this webinar. With over 20 years of successfully growing durable eucalypts, Durable Eucalypt Growers Forum (DEGF) members Mark Wright, Emma Leslie and Kaara Shaw will present key outcomes from their experience.

Growing durable eucalypts in the sub tropics, 20 years of experience and experimentation
Mark Wright
| Super Forest Plantations

Super Forest Plantations has been experimenting with a multitude of plantation parameters in the process of developing a successful model for mixed species durable eucalypt plantations in the sub tropics. Working with a range of species planted in various designs, incorporating different stocking rates, row orientation, species mixtures and thinning regimes to enable commercial thinning events and a clearfall harvest at the end of a 30 to 35 year rotation. Super Forest Plantations have been producing a range of products from 15 to 20 year old durable species that can be processed on farm and sold at the farm gate. These products, some still in development, are now driving our silvicultural regime and species selection.

Growing High-Value Sawlog in Plantations – the Gippsland experience
Emma Leslie
| Heartwood Unlimited

Heartwood Unlimited has established a working model to grow naturally durable eucalypt sawlog in plantations in the Gippsland region of southeast Victoria. Combining plantations with whole-of-property management and diversifying products allows investors to see a continuing increase in land value as well as providing a timber product that is sustainable, locally grown, naturally durable and highly sought after in the market. There have been many learnings along the way and research and development continues to refine the methods and possibilities for a successful and sustainable agroforestry system.

Growing Forests for High-value Timber Products in South East Queensland
Kaara Shaw | Forest Land Management (FLM)

Small-scale hardwood eucalypt plantations are producing high-value, commercial timber products in South East Queensland while also providing habitat and landscape services. These plantations have the capacity to significantly contribute to future log supply as our country heads towards an inevitable shortage of durable homegrown wood. The landscape, climate and markets in South East Queensland have influenced a production model that aims to grow the highest-value product possible (long-section, large diameter, durable and strong), within a viable economic timeframe, gaining recognition as a viable form of primary production on smaller holdings. The applied production model undergoes continuous improvement and continues to raise expectations.

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Mark Wright, Super Forest Plantations

Mark has always been interested in trees and timber and had a desire to work with and in the natural environment. He has been involved in the commercial growing of timber trees since 1999, planning & establishing mixed eucalypt plantations with his family business, Super Forest Plantations, in Northern NSW. He completed a Forestry Degree at Southern Cross University in 2006.

Emma Leslie, Heartwood Unlimited

Emma has over 15 years’ experience as a professional forester working in the plantation sector. She completed her double degree in science and forestry at Melbourne University in 2006 and forestry master’s degree at Australian National University in 2010. Emma has travelled extensively and has been involved in international development work in Africa. She worked in tropical north Queensland for 7 years and has been working with Heartwood Unlimited (formerly Plantations) since 2013 in a range of operational roles. She is currently Business Manager with a focus on plantation development of durable eucalypt timbers. Heartwood is Victoria’s foremost agroforestry company that is vested in forestry, farming and conservation in landscapes that flourish.

Kaara Shaw, Forest Land Management (FLM)

Kaara has 20 years’ experience in the forest sector, managing private forestry investments and delivering community-based forestry education and plantation development programs. Kaara completed a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Production Horticulture in 2004 at the University of Queensland, whilst working in the burgeoning SEQ farm forestry scene. She continued her study at Melbourne University, completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Forest Science in 2014. Kaara has worked in various not-for-profit organisations, gaining experience in small-scale plantation silviculture, native forest management, forestry extension programs, forest certification, and broadacre revegetation. Kaara and her partner Gary, founded Forest Land Management Pty Ltd in 2021 so that they could continue to provide best practice plantation and native forest management services.

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