WEBINAR: Tackling life stresses | Recognising, asking and working together

Date: Thursday 27 April
Time: 1.00pm – 2.00pm (AEST)
RFP CPD points: 1.0

Sometimes life throws us curveballs. Challenging circumstances and uncertainty can impact our livelihoods, businesses, industry, families, and communities causing stress and impacting wellbeing. This webinar will present a tool kit and resource for dealing with life stressors, focusing on:

  • Recognising the signs that situational stressors are at a dangerous level, and what to keep an eye out for,
  • Asking questions to find out what’s going on, what needs to happen to reduce the risks and,
  • Work Together – reaching out for support and looking after those around us.

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Registrations close: 10.00am Wednesday 26 April

Barb Walters

Barb Walters will be presenting this webinar and is the CEO of Rural Alive and Well (RAW). RAW enables communities to tackle life stressors, stigma and isolation through innovative awareness, access and practical interventions. The team at RAW are committed to delivering proactive outreach support that increases protective factors to minimise the risk of poor mental health and suicide. A saw miller’s daughter, Barb understands the importance of forestry and the timber industry and the challenges that can sometimes come with it. The webinar will touch on Barb’s personal experience of the Tasmanian native forest downturn and the impact that had on a personal, family and community level. This personal connection to the industry motivated Barb to develop RAW’s Cutting Through Program, to support the wellbeing of Tasmania’s timber and forestry sector.

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